What is Bare Shelves Biden and why is it in vogue?

THE hashtag Bare Shelves Biden reappeared for the second time since October on Monday.

Food shortages across the US are causing widespread panic as grocery store shelves run dry and people search for pantry items.

Shortage of supply leads to empty grocery shelves.


Shortage of supply leads to empty grocery shelves.

What is Bare Shelves Biden?

Bare Biden shelves are trending on Twitter as many people claim that their grocery shelves are empty.

The hashtag started trending in October 2021 and emerged on January 10 when many people complained that they couldn’t find essential items like pasta, canned goods, and pet food.

Grocery shoppers are seeing bare shelves competing with the start of the pandemic due to supply chain issues, inclement weather and new staffing shortages. Variants of Covid-19, Omicron.

In Midland County, Michigan, locals say they’re being forced to buy what’s available, instead of what’s on their grocery list.

County resident Nichole Taylor told Daily News in Midland, “(Currently) there are not as many categories as they used to, especially for paper goods, household cleaning products such as laundry products, soft drinks and even frozen goods.”

The Food Industry Association’s senior director of supply chain and sustainability, Marjorie DuPuy, asked people to be patient as grocery store shortages issues are being addressed.

“If there’s a disruption in one sector. So let’s say the port delays we see in the news today, that would affect our ability to get product out. off the container train, put them in trucks, put them on rails, get them into a distribution center, sort them and ship them to stores and then to consumers’ homes,” DePuy said.

However, complaints coming from all over the United States accused President Joe Biden at fault.

Complaints link Biden to his building back better program, saying it is the cause of food shortages.

Vishal Gaur, a professor of production management at Cornell University told USA Today indicates the statement is false.

“The shortfall we are experiencing is due to a backlog of supply chains and linkages,” he added.

Despite the complaints of US shoppers, similar problems are being encountered worldwide as countries including Canada and Australia came across bare grocery store shelves.

Supply chain problems are causing empty shelves in grocery stores.


Supply chain problems are causing empty shelves in grocery stores.Credit: Getty

What are people saying on social media?

Twitter posts include blaming President Joe Biden and claiming that empty shelves are caused by Democratic Party.

“Well, democrats are behind reality #BareShelvesBiden, sooo…. “one person tweeted while another said, ‘That’s right… @JoeBiden is destroying the very fabric of America itself…this is his business…and more’ more to come… #BareShelvesBiden. “

In contrast, comments made on posts displaying empty shelves suggested that food shortages were caused by labor shortages.

“What he doesn’t show you is that the rest of the store is fully stocked,” said one video respondent of empty shelves at a store in New York. Virginia.

“This is Product, stocked with fresh items, delivery and supply have been affected by WEATHER.

“You guys are losing your mind over this, you must have missed the closure of I-95.”

What happened the last time Biden Ceiling Racks were in vogue?

Photos uploaded to social media in October 2021 show supposedly empty grocery shelves across the country, but news sources including Business Insider have denied these claims.

Biden ceiling prices started trending after a meme showing a picture of a grocery store filled with merchandise labeled “Trump America” ​​and a photo showing empty shelves labeled “Biden America” ​​went viral.

But the photos have proven to be months or years old. According to the fact-verified website, Snopes, the photo involves Former President Donald Trump Taken in Melbourne, Australia in 2012.

Meanwhile, the photo tied to President Joe Biden was taken in South Carolina during Hurricane Florence in 2018.

The Bare Shelves Biden hashtag continues to circulate after conservative commentator, Kimberly Klacik, posted a photo of empty grocery store shelves.

A closer look at the photo shows that the price is listed in pounds and it was taken in UK in 2020, at the start of the pandemic. What is Bare Shelves Biden and why is it in vogue?


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