What is a jet plane?

FORECAST that a jet will mean Storm Eunice’s particularly powerful attack.

Sting jets are a relatively new area of ​​research, but 2022 Storm Eunice is bringing them to the forefront.

Waves crashing with high winds as Cyclone Eunice makes landfall in the UK


Waves crashing with high winds as Cyclone Eunice makes landfall in the UKCredit: AFP

What is a jet plane?

The jet is a small area of ​​very strong winds that can form as storms pass over the UK.

These winds can reach 100 miles per hour and tend to cover a small area – usually only 30 miles across.

The name refers to the shape of the cloud as it encircles the center of a low-pressure area in a jet, like the tail of a scorpion.

How does a jet form?

The nozzles form a ‘conveyor’ of cold air that becomes colder and moves faster.

All storms except tropical cyclones consist of weather fronts – points of separation between cold and warm air.

More concentrated streams of cold and warm air run closer to the front and are known as conveyor belts.

The cold conveyor goes down as the warm conveyor rises.

Both belts enclose an area of ​​low pressure, exacerbating the area by adding warm air and moisture.

As rain and snow convert to cold air inside the cold belt, the necessary energy is taken from the warmer air in the warm belt, further cooling the system.

This cold air pulls down the storm and accelerates, and this can create a spark.

How dangerous are jet crashes?

The extremely violent winds of a jet plane can be dangerous to anyone near it.

Its relatively low area means you’re unlikely to get very close to the jet during a storm.

A jet plane is thought to have contributed to the destruction of southern England during the Great Storms of 1987, which killed 18 people.

How long does it take for the reaction to happen?

Meteorologists have only recently gained the technology to be able to observe and study jets.

So the data we have tends to be quite recent.

The major hurricane of 1987 was the first identified hurricane in retrospect.

Between 1993 and 2013, 32 of the 100 most intense storms were jet-related.

At least six of the 12 major storms that caused flooding and damage to the UK in 2013 and 2014 were also jet-related. What is a jet plane?


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