What is a cervix and do men have a cervix?

CERVIX is a part of the body that not everyone has.

But what is the cervix, what does it do and who has it? Here we answer everything you need to know.

The cervix is ​​a small ring of tissue between the uterus and the vagina


The cervix is ​​a small ring of tissue between the uterus and the vagina
Anatomy of the female reproductive system


Anatomy of the female reproductive system

What is the cervix?

The cervix is ​​located between the uterus/womb and the top of the vagina, inside the body.

It is sometimes named the “neck of the uterus”.

To look at, it resembles a two-inch ring.

The meat ring has many functions; such as it helps to keep the vagina clean.

It can also provide pleasure during sex – although its opening cannot be restrained, it can be bumped in.

Importantly, the cervix is ​​important for protecting the fetus during pregnancy by creating a mucus plug to keep bacteria out of the uterus.

When the baby is about to be born, the cervix will open to let the baby out. This is what doctors look at to tell if a patient is “dilated” during labor.

It is important to protect the cervix, because cervical cancer can be deadly.

Anyone with a cervix is ​​encouraged to get a free NHS smear test when invited to check for any abnormalities on the cervix.

Do men have a cervix?

People with a cervix include women, transgender (transgender) men, and those designated as female at birth.

Some transgender men have a total hysterectomy and removal of the cervix – as well as the ovaries and uterus. But not all choose to do this.

Biologically, men do not have a cervix because it is part of the female reproductive system.

Meanwhile, some women need to have them removed or, in very rare cases, not be born with a cervix.

How to register a check

Cervical examination is done by a general practitioner or female nurse or doctor.

You will receive a letter sent to schedule your appointment and it is important that you schedule it as soon as possible.

You can usually do this by following the instructions sent in the mail, which for some surgeries means making an online reservation and others calling.

It’s best to schedule an appointment when your period has stopped or when you’ve finished treating your infection.

The NHS says you should avoid using any medications, lubricants or vaginal creams for 2 days before you have the test as they can affect the results.

If you are concerned about your cervix then you should make an appointment to see your GP.

Steph McGovern has a live smear test on her show, which isn’t ‘horrific and embarrassing’ and just ‘feels weird’ but could save your life What is a cervix and do men have a cervix?


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