What happens to Jarvis and Rose and the other agents?

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The brand new reality series entitled Sell ​​the OC has landed on Netflix, and it didn’t take long for people to get through the entire first season in one sitting. And let me just say, the final episode of the season didn’t disappoint!

Sell ​​the OC is a spinoff series of the popular Netflix original series Sell ​​sunset. Following the success of the first Oppenheim brokerage firm in Los Angeles, Brett and Jason Oppenheim decided to open a new office in Newport Beach, California.

The Newport Beach agents are just as competitive as the Los Angeles agents. Everyone has a big personality and is trying to prove they have what it takes to be the best real estate agent in Orange County. The agents are Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Polly Brindle, Lauren Brito, Sean Palmieri and Tyler Stanaland.

But the brokers don’t only show luxury real estate. Some find themselves caught up in a little drama at work. Yes, we are talking about two of the Alexandras. Most of the first season revolves around the drama between Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose and the rest of the agents. And it all comes to a head in the explosive season finale. So what happens to Jarvis, Rose and the other real estate agents in the final episode?

Big spoilers off Sell ​​the OC ahead!

Selling the OC: What Happens to Jarvis and Rose in the Season Finale?

From the start it’s obvious that Jarvis and Rose are isolated from the other agents. They are considered the “mean girls” in the office. The other agents disliked Jarvis and Rose for their own reasons. Most of the agents didn’t like Rose, and since Jarvis is close friends with Rose, they started disliking her. Basically guilty by association. However, some agents disliked Jarvis, thinking she was shallow and had a superiority complex. So it was Jarvis and Rose on one side and the other agents on the other.

This season’s main theme revolved around an incident between Kayla and Tyler. Kayla tried to kiss Tyler after a few drinks. This upsets the other agents since Tyler is a married man and this isn’t the first time Kayla has tried to kiss him. Polly tried to have a chat with Kayla about the incident, but it didn’t end well. Then Polly, Alex Hall and Brandi demanded an apology from Kayla for her behavior. Although Kayla apologizes, they don’t believe her apology is sincere. After this conversation, Kayla is isolated from the rest of the female agents.

With no one to talk to, Kayla confided in Jarvis and Rose about her conversation with Polly, Alex Hall and Brandi. Jarvis and Rose basically tell Kayla that she didn’t do anything wrong and that she needs to be careful with Alex Hall. After this conversation, Jarvis and Rose began standing up for Kayla whenever they felt Kayla was being bullied or looked down on by other agents.

During the yacht party in the season finale, Kayla notices Polly sitting on Tyler’s lap. Kayla tells Rose about it and they talk about how the rest of the agents would have been angry if Kayla sat on Tyler’s lap.

Later, Jarvis and Rose join the other agents to discuss double standards. Rose tells the other female agents that they are hypocrites for acting like Kayla is a housewife when they are also flirting with Tyler and behaving inappropriately. The heated discussion catches Tyler’s attention and he walks over to the agents. He confronts Jarvis and Rose, calling them bullies. He also tells them that there is nothing wrong with him and Alex Hall or Polly and that he will no longer stand up for them. Jarvis and Rose then leave the yacht party.

So it looks like by the end of the season, Jarvis and Rose have only isolated themselves even more from the rest of the agents. It will be interesting to see what happens to Jarvis and Rose in a potential Sell ​​the OC Season 2.

Did Jarvis and Rose Sell Dolphin Terrace in Selling the OC?

Yes! In the closing minutes of the season finale, Jason reveals to the Bureau that Jarvis and Rose sold Dolphin Terrace for $20 million, boosting the Bureau’s sales even further. Dolphin Terrace was originally listed at $19,995,000 with a commission of $559,850. In the end, Jarvis and Rose managed to sell the high-end property for $20,500,000 with a $615,000 commission. That means Jarvis and Rose have sold the most expensive house of all properties sold this season.

Does Brittany Snow appear in Selling the OC?

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for Brittany Snow to appear on the reality series. However, the Pitch perfect Star does not appear at all in the first season. Although Snow doesn’t appear on the show, she’s definitely been talked about enough to assume she is. Maybe we’ll see her in a possible second season. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Will Kayla and Alex Hall complete the Summit list?

no Alex Hall leaves the partnership after the seller asks to increase the listing price by $350,000, and Kayla agrees. Alex Hall thought she and Kayla looked silly raising the price of the listing after bids were made. She mentions to the other agents that if it had been her decision, she would have dismissed the seller as a customer. However, Kayla had the final say and decided to continue working with the seller and grant his request for a price increase. As of August 24, the Summit property is still for sale.

The complete first season of eight episodes Sell ​​the OC only streams on Netflix now.

https://netflixlife.com/2022/08/24/selling-the-oc-ending-explained-spoilers/ What happens to Jarvis and Rose and the other agents?

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