What does Sony expect us to do with 10 live service games?

The year 2026 is not far away in the gamer years. Our favorite titles take years to produce, and production is increasingly expensive, meaning developers and publishers are constantly looking for ways to make the creative process profitable and affordable. more reasonable to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. That’s why sequels, remakes and remakes are increasingly popular; because they all guarantee profits that may not be achieved. It sucks and it’s sad, but that’s the direction we’re going so let’s tighten up and accept it.

The industry’s growing fascination with live service games has become even more apparent in time Sony’s latest financial earnings call when the company said it hopes to develop a total of 10 games following such a pattern by 2026. With just four years to go, that means it aims to have nearly a dozen titles under four years in its lifetime. same player retention rate as Destiny 2, Fortnite or Apex Legends. Well, good luck with that, because I don’t think it’s possible to make all ten games with enough quality to still be culturally relevant when the market is so saturated.

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Such a move is also a far cry from Sony’s current trajectory, which is to strongly reject service-based products and continue to devote itself to traditional narrative blockbusters like The Last of Us Part. 2 and God of War. These games are beautifully made, but they occupy a template that has brought PlayStation the massive success and top spot in the industry. console war that it has not yet surrendered. The strategy is working, but if Sony is willing to change, it has to know how much money is in the live services market and how its shareholders will soon recognize its console brand. Haven’t dipped my feet in the tank yet.

ragnarok, god of war

I imagine Sony’s recent acquisition of Bungie has something to do with this strategy. With Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion passing a million pre-orders, it comes with a built-in audience and will allow Sony to begin a curated selection of live-service titles that will look and play. Best on PlayStation. The platform has always been famous when it comes to content or providing exclusive utilities to those on its sideline, and this attitude will almost certainly continue as its catalog of studios expands and realises. of its direct service ideas come into the limelight. Now we can also use the term ‘launched’ rather loosely here. This number is likely inflated to appease shareholders and is a more favored standard than reality, so there is a high probability that most of these games will be stinkers and not at all. levels like Ghost of Tsushima. It’s just not feasible.

That and most live service games are designed to take up all your time. If you don’t log in often or miss out on the seasonal updates, you’ll inevitably fall behind and be forced to catch up, wading through countless mechanics and dense lore to even stand a chance. feel fit again. I tried logging into Destiny 2 for the first time in a year last month and immediately gave up. The act of keeping up with every big game in the sun these days is inevitable, and you’d be tormenting yourself considering such a goal. So why does Sony think ten games in its entirety makes sense? I’m not even sure it sold enough consoles to make such exclusive endeavors a worthwhile reality. Well, I certainly wouldn’t play them, and would be one of many upset if the console brand decided to give up its prestigious monopolies in favor of such things.

Apex Legends

Sony’s Game Pass competitor fully on the rise and will mark a shift in corporate strategy in the coming years that will likely seek to combine the services ecosystem with a beloved industry-exclusive group that continues without shaking move the boat. I’m not sure it’s possible to have her pie and eat it like this, and will only serve to highlight the shortcomings in the panel space that we are all ready and willing to accept in a long time. Seriously, 10 games in live service in four years? No other God of War sequel is worth as much as this one.

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