What Christmas gift did you get for a non-gamer? Seriously, I have no idea

Christmas is for me pretty much every year of my life. My mom asks me what game or console is coming out, and then Santa gets it for me. Easily. Done. Arranged. The Christmases I’ve had sex with follow a similar pattern. Sure, there’s a quirky little giveaway on top – a couple of shavers, a purse, the adorable pink shirt I’m wearing right now as I type this – but overall, I’m a easy buyers.

I know this takes a lot of the mystery and excitement out of giving and receiving gifts, but we’ve all heard stories about someone receiving a gift. Xbox games for them PlayStation or vice versa. I was always asked what I wanted and what systems it worked on, so I learned to give gifts the same way I received them. But, that’s not very caring or romantic so I’m doing my best to learn, grow and get better at this gifting game. So, dear reader, I ask you: how the hell do I find something to buy people?


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There’s so much out there. There are countless unique gifts to peruse and then each of them has different variations and retailers. When buying someone a game, all you need to know is what platforms they play on and what they’ve got – then you’ll see. How do you even begin to narrow down everything else on the planet to deciding what to get your loved ones?

Final Fantasy 14 players in Christmas costumes with snowmen

There are things out there that I didn’t even know existed. My mother bought me a chili growing kit. I love it, but I’ve never expressed an interest in growing peppers in my life – how did she come up with it or find it? The game is marketed specifically for holiday gifts. They do all the work for you. The best part is, no gamer will be upset when they get the same triple-A title that all their friends get. ‘You have FIFA as well, right? Moving on, then let’s have a match – but don’t choose PSG. ‘ The only annoying thing here is they will definitely use PSG anyway.

As you can tell, I’m really terrible at buying gifts. Unless someone says to me, there’s no definite term, “I like and want that thing there”, I’ll go Google the last minute and ask their friends if they’re referring to anything specific. or not. I don’t know how the rest of us seem to follow everyone’s tastes and preferences to buy the gifts they love year round. What do I have to do now? Record what people say about a notebook so I can refer back to it later? It sounds a bit creepy if you ask me. That’s why I asked you.

Buying a gamer gift is easy – just buy the game for us. Of course. The rest of you? Much more difficult. Maybe I should ask someone to teach me how to receive gifts better. Better yet, someone at TheGamer could write that guide and make it available to all gamers who, like me, don’t know what to buy for anyone else.

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