What are the properties of crystals?

FEBRUARY’s birthstone is rumored to be a powerful crystal.

Amethyst also has an interesting historical and scientific past.

Amethyst is often found in geodesic lines


Amethyst is often found in geodesic linesCredit: Getty Images

What are the properties of amethyst?

Amethyst is a variety of quartz characterized by a purple color that can range from lilac to deep purple. Its wine-like color inspired its name, the ancient Greek word for drunken, as they believed crystals could help protect you from intoxication.

Like all quartz, amethyst is quite hard, making it ideal for jewelry, something that people have been doing for thousands of years.

Quartz varieties also have a hexagonal crystal structure and are naturally triangular at their apex.

Amethyst is commonly found in geodesic lines within organic rocks. These geographies can be enormous, with the largest amethyst geopath ever found being named the Queen of Uruguay, and standing almost 11 feet (3.27 meters) tall.

What is the spiritual meaning of amethyst?

Amethyst is believed to be a protective and healing crystal mycrystals.com.

In some cultures, amethyst is thought to help people suffering from stress and anxiety. Some people also claim that it can help relieve headaches and clear the mind.

Some say that amethyst is a powerful psychic crystal and can help enhance psychic awareness and protect individuals from psychic attacks.

Historically, the ancient Greeks and Romans used to drink crystal cups in the hope that it would prevent them from getting too drunk.

In the Middle Ages, British royalty would adorn themselves with amethyst, associating the purple color of the crystal with the color of nobility.

Amethyst crystals are usually darker in color at the tips due to their higher iron content


Amethyst crystals are usually darker in color at the tips due to their higher iron contentCredit: Getty Images

How is amethyst formed?

Amethyst is commonly found in the same other places where quartz is found, including inside igneous rocks (which are formed by volcanoes and produce crystals as they cool), inside metamorphic rocks (which are displaced by volcanoes). change when subjected to strong pressure or high temperature), inside the hydrothermal. vents or in hot springs.

The purple color is produced when ferric iron is substituted for some of the usual silica in quartz and then exposed to radiation.

Crystals have a higher chance of being exposed to radiation in igneous rocks, according to American Science because radioactive minerals are more common there.

However, don’t worry, the amount of radiation in the crystal is not enough to affect you, but it is enough to make the crystal have outstanding color!

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