What Are the Best Deterrents For Criminals

Protecting your premises is key when running a successful business, not only so that you can minimise the impact of crime, but to completely deter criminals before they act. There are a few ways that you can go about making sure that criminals are aware that you are prepared for them, like using cast iron bollards to protect your grounds, and installing an alarm system and CCTV cameras to draw attention to them. We’ll look at some of the best ways to deter criminals in more detail below.

Why it’s important to protect your premises

Whether you own a business, or you’re simply looking for ways to protect your home, it is important that you take the steps necessary to ensure that your property deters criminals before they even think about committing a crime. Implementing deterrents means that you are less likely to suffer from criminal damage, break-ins, and burglaries. It means that you can protect your business from losing income and having to cease trading whilst repairs take place. Choosing a few ways in which you can prevent criminal activity from taking place means your employees and customers can feel safe, and it shows that you care about their well-being, whilst also saving your business from losing money. Here are some of the best deterrents that you could use around your premises. 

Security Cameras

Cameras are one of the best ways to deter criminals from attempting to break in or vandalise your property. As technology advances, these security cameras can show a more detailed, clear video, sometimes even in colour, of anyone who trespasses on your property. Because of this, if a criminal sees that you have cameras placed around your premises, they are less likely to try and engage in any type of criminal activity, because they know that they are likely to get caught. This will put them off before they’ve even begun, helping you to avoid a disruptive and often worrying situation.

Alarm systems

Just like security cameras, alarm systems can be used to show criminals that you are prepared for them. Usually, alarm systems are featured on the outside of your building so that potential burglars can see when they are in use. When an alarm goes off, it instantly attracts attention, which is something that a criminal does not want. If you don’t have an alarm in your premises, investing in one could be a great addition to your company, and keeps both your premises and stock and technology safe. You can even install cameras that act as both an alarm and a security camera – it detects motion so you can see exactly what the dangers are.

External Lights

These are perfect for the home, or for business premises. External lights turn on when they sense movement, which is great for alerting you if someone is nearby. Not only this, but the sudden bright light is also likely to shock the criminal, drawing attention to them much like with an alarm – this means they leave the area as they run the risk of being seen. Adding an external light makes it safer for employees leaving your company and gives them peace of mind on a dark winter’s night.


These are a great addition to any business premises. Bollards can be used to protect your building from accidents happening, as well as criminal damage. If criminals can’t get to your premises easily, they are likely to be put off before they even begin. It shows them that you are protective over your building and shows them that you take security seriously, deterring them from trying anything further. You can choose steel bollards for extra strength, as well as concrete and cast-iron bollards for maximum protection.

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