We’re a married couple who live in side-by-side tiny homes & save $600 a month – they’re each designed to our own tastes

A MARRIED couple have explained that having two small houses they live in together saves them about $600 a month and allows them to explore their own tastes.

Homeowners Ryk and Elisa live together in Welches, Oregon on a lot that includes not one, but two of their tiny homes.

Oregon couple Ryk and Elisa live in two completed tiny houses connected by an outdoor pathway


Oregon couple Ryk and Elisa live in two completed tiny houses connected by an outdoor pathwayPhoto credit: YouTube/TinyHouseExpedition
The couple said they save about $600 a month compared to a two-bedroom apartment


The couple said they save about $600 a month compared to a two-bedroom apartmentPhoto credit: YouTube/TinyHouseExpedition

The couple explained in an interview with the YouTube channel Tiny House Expedition (@tinyhouseexpedition) that they chose two rooms because they are very “unique and independent people”.

“We got married later in life, we both have our own tastes — and we’re very similar in some ways, but the way we express it is very different,” Elisa said.

She went on to say that shortly after the couple tied the knot, the pair were looking for a home together in the western United States, but home prices rose significantly.

They decided to explore other options, including tiny homes.

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Ryk noted that the couple initially bought what would later become Elisa’s tiny house for around $75,000.

For about four months, the couple stayed together in the 26-foot space while Ryk’s was built from the ground up for $111,000.

The couple found they could pay for the rooms after Elisa’s late father left her some money.

After these costs, the monthly expenses for Elisa and Ryk remained relatively small.

According to Ryk, water and sanitation are free, as is garbage, and the couple only pays $650 per tiny house for site rent.

He went on to say that Oregon’s electric bill ranges from $11 to $100 depending on the time of year.

Additionally, at Mount Hood RV Park and Resort, where both tiny houses are currently parked, the cable is present, but the two pay an additional $100 a month for high-speed internet.

“But overall, we’re still paying less per month than we would for a two-bedroom apartment in Washington state,” Elisa added.

Ryk stated that they previously paid $2,100 for the two-bedroom house, but are now only around $1,500 a month for both tiny houses, a steady savings of $600 a month.

The couple added that while they are surrounded by nature at the RV park, they are still an hour from Portland and all the needs that a city area would provide, including health care.

Not to mention that Elisa’s Tiny House, which she called Little Starry Blue, and Ryks, which is called Lassen Creek, are on wheels and mobile.

Elisa and Ryk found that besides the money savings, it’s just another aspect of miniature structures that makes it worthwhile for them.

They explained that life changes quickly and that small houses can be brought if everything goes quickly.

“We would like to be able to take our homes with us if we decide to leave this area,” Elisa said.

“And that’s not possible with a stationary home.”

“We have options,” she added.

Design-wise, Little Starry Blue Elisa features a recycled ceiling and underfloor heating, and a blue-grey exterior.

The living area accommodates a small sofa and a desk, two lofts for a creative space and a bed, and a large bathroom and kitchen area.

In Lassen Creek, which has a tan exterior with black detailing, Ryk has a similar amount of space, even slightly more at 30 feet.

The interior featured a full kitchen like Elisa’s but with black cabinets and a full bathroom with shower.

At the opposite end of the room, with the extra four feet compared to Elisa, Ryk built a mini office space next to the bedroom.

Each of them, in their opinion, perfectly reflects their personality.

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