Wendy Williams “does NOT want to start a podcast” and is “focused on moving to LA for a TV comeback,” friends insist

WENDY Williams doesn’t want to start her podcast and is focused on a move to Los Angeles for a TV comeback, two friends have insisted after spending time with the ailing star.

Naughty But Nice host Rob Shuter and entertainment reporter Delaina Dixon opened up about their March 17 encounter with Wendy, 58, on their hit podcast.

Wendy Williams has reportedly told several people that her podcast isn't moving forward


Wendy Williams has reportedly told several people that her podcast isn’t moving forwardPhoto credit: Dario Alequin for The US Sun
Wendy (pictured in 2019) hasn't spoken publicly about her podcast since November 2022, when she said it would be released in a few weeks


Wendy (pictured in 2019) hasn’t spoken publicly about her podcast since November 2022, when she said it would be released in a few weeksPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

“We met Wendy a little over a week ago and we asked her about the podcast, you were on it,” Rob told Delaina, aka Miss D, on her episode, which aired Tuesday morning.

“And she said she doesn’t do a podcast, she said it’s over and she’s going to LA in three weeks.

“She told us that she’s going to start a new TV show and that she doesn’t want to do podcasts,” he added of her personal conversation with Wendy.

Earlier this week, Wendy’s publicist released a statement denying that Wendy’s podcast was canceled.

Wendy Williams tells friends her podcast was canceled ahead of launch
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Rob broke this statement during the conversation with Miss D.

“Just because a publicist says something doesn’t necessarily make it true. I am not implying here that the publicist is lying but the publicist should have a conversation because Wendy is out and about in New York talking to people as she should, she is an adult but make sure you are on the same page are.

“Because if the client tells everyone she doesn’t do the podcast and the publicist tells everyone she does, it doesn’t make sense,” Rob added.

Rob also noted that Wendy’s publicist’s statement about the podcast specifically stated that the project was not “officially” canceled.

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Rob, who was once a publicist for A-listers like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, added: “As a former publicist, I looked at this and the quote was there was no ‘official cancellation’ of the podcast. And yes, that’s true.”

“We do a podcast for a living, Miss D, and we’re pretty good at it.

“And so we asked Wendy about it when we were having drinks with her, Miss D. I even said to Wendy, ‘Would you like me to introduce our podcast people, the people we work with?’

“And Wendy said, and you were there, Miss D, she said, ‘No, Rob, no, I don’t do a podcast.'”

Miss D then chimed in about her own take on her night out with Wendy, adding: “She wants to do new projects.

“She’s definitely trying to move to Los Angeles. She wants to be there, basically within the next two to three weeks, and she wants to get back into television. She felt good there.

Miss D continued: “Now of course I’ve made the suggestion that we’d like to see her on a reality show just to see her put her life as a single woman back together what her next projects will be but we will see what happens when she does one.”

Miss D said Wendy’s reaction to the idea of ​​a reality show was that she “shrugged and gave her Wendy a smile.”

Rob added: “It’s what she wants to do. She wants to get back on TV to do the Wendy Show.

“If she wanted to record a podcast, I could go there right away with a microphone.

“It’s easy to record a podcast and there’s nobody better and I’m not telling her not to do it. I would listen! I would love Wendy talking about celebrities for 20 minutes a day. Sign me up!”

Rob then added: “But she doesn’t want to do it. If she wanted to do it, it would have happened.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Wendy, who had just spoken to her in the past 24 hours, added exclusively to The US Sun: “She doesn’t do the podcast. It is sad.

“I’m sorry for her, but she really ruined her whole career — she might still be on TV right now.”

As The US Sun reported last week, Wendy has told several people in her orbit that her podcast is not happening.


A source close to the former TV host previously exclusively told The US Sun that Wendy recently told friends “there’s no podcast.”

“It’s weird because she says there’s no podcast but also tells people she’s going back to TV. It’s hard to figure out what’s based on reality,” the insider added.

The last time Wendy herself addressed the project publicly was in November 2022 at a WBLS event.

She told the audience that the Wendy Experience podcast will be launching “in the next few weeks.”

Wendy, who spent two months in a Malibu rehab after checking in for allegedly severe alcoholism, was drinking and bar hopping on St. Patrick’s Day in New York City.


A source had exclusively revealed to The US Sun that Wendy was “cosmos drinking” with a group she met earlier that night.

An eyewitness claimed that, with the exception of her driver and bodyguard, Wendy was “completely alone” when she arrived at Fresco by Scotto.

“She stared into the distance until someone she knew walked in.”

Later that evening the group went to the Townhouse gay bar.

“When the bartender asked her what she would like to drink, she just said, ‘Something to get me drunk,'” added the viewer.

In a statement at the time, Wendy’s rep told The US Sun, “Wendy was celebrating her upcoming new opportunities, she wanted to celebrate while things are happening and make her feel like she has a new life.”

“There are several projects in the pipeline and she’s been celebrating those things. Wendy loves her fans and fully supports the LGBTQ community, which makes up a large portion of her fan base,” the statement concluded.


Wendy has had a tough time over the last few years.

A financial guardian officially took control of their finances back in May 2022 after a host of health issues.

She also lost her legendary daytime talk show just months later, in June.

In December, The US Sun revealed the identity of the guardian controlling Wendy’s assets: guardianship expert and attorney Sabrina Morrissey.

Multiple sources and court filings show that the guardian is in charge of the 58-year-old former TV host’s estate and consequently is responsible for who in Wendy’s orbit can receive money and payments from her estate.

The top professional’s biography touted Sabrina’s expertise in “Probate Administration, Guardianships and Litigation.”

“She is passionate about representing older clients and protecting them from fraud and abuse. She regularly appears on their behalf in New York state courts, helping them obtain proper home support, protect their wealth, and plan for the future,” read her bio.

In court documents previously revealed exclusively by The US Sun, in their divorce case, Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin petitioned a judge to order the guardian to resume his child support payments, which he suspended in February.

Additionally, her son Kevin Hunter Jr. alluded to the guardian’s tight control over Wendy’s money when he was evicted from his luxury apartment in September after his mother’s finances were frozen in February, leaving him unable to co-operate to keep up with his high monthly rent of $6,800.

A source close to the situation told The US Sun that Kevin Jr. was not enrolled in college as of the spring, and that partially impacted his ability to access certain funds Wendy earmarked for his schooling.

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The insider said the guardian, in shutting the son down financially, argued that despite not being enrolled in school, the 22-year-old “can get a job.”

A source close to the situation also revealed that Sabrina also played a key role in facilitating Wendy’s recent two-month stay at the Malibu rehabilitation facility.

Wendy's Instagram page promoting the alleged podcast launched in July 2022


Wendy’s Instagram page promoting the alleged podcast launched in July 2022Photo credit: Instagram/thewendyexperiencepodcast
Wendy told several people that she's moving to LA and doing a TV show


Wendy told several people that she’s moving to LA and doing a TV showPhoto credit: The Mega Agency
The former TV star lost her eponymous talk show after being absent for the entirety of last season


The former TV star lost her eponymous talk show after being absent for the entirety of last seasonPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/7737593/wendy-williams-not-launch-podcast-move-to-la-friends/ Wendy Williams “does NOT want to start a podcast” and is “focused on moving to LA for a TV comeback,” friends insist


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