We must fight Whitehall waste and awakened indoctrination to become a more efficient nation

Tackling waste in Whitehall must be a key part of the nation’s effort to curb the rising cost of living.

It will also help fund tax cuts so hard-working Britons keep as much of their own money as possible.

Too many of Whitehall like to ignore expensive office buildings that sit vacant


Too many of Whitehall like to ignore expensive office buildings that sit vacantCredit: Alamy

I work with some excellent officers who are cost conscious, but I see widespread signs of a culture of waste.

Basically there should be a sacred understanding in government that all their money comes from private individuals and not a single pound should be spent unless really necessary.

Whitehall didn’t take efficiency seriously enough.

I always knew there was a problem with waste, but I soon saw how badly money could be spent after taking up my post as Minister for Brexit Chances and Government Efficiency earlier this year.

indoctrination sessions

Too many in Whitehall ignore expensive office buildings that sit empty or sponsor time-consuming courses.

Unfortunately, not only is money wasted, but what it is wasted on is so detrimental to our country: this means increasingly divisive wake-up agendas aimed at pitting people against one another or belittling the country.

In addition to being a reformed civil servant, I went through the “learning and development courses” that were offered.

We’ve found many that have no potential use for the officers’ abilities and they will be deleted.

They will be replaced by ones that lead to measurable skills and better public services.

This is necessary as some sessions are indoctrination sessions – one was even called Check Yo! Privilege.

Wasting other people’s money on such nonsense is itself a sign of privilege, isn’t it?

That is why I have asked for all diversity, inclusion and wellness courses to be phased out in the Cabinet Office and encouraged all foreign ministers to do the same in their own departments.

This week, I was pleased to see Attorney General Suella Braverman addressing her department, where staff had devoted 2,000 hours to such courses over the past year.

Officials were even invited to question and answer sessions with a “witch.”

Arriving at the Cabinet Office earlier this year, I also realized how bloated the department had become.

Now, with the exemplary support of the State Secretary, the downsizing is to begin, because the CO2025 plan we have drawn up lays the foundation for the redesign of the department.

My widely reported visits elsewhere in Whitehall have revealed too much unused office space.

Why should taxpayers finance expensive central London offices that are gathering dust?

The emptiness of the Serious Fraud Office’s premises overlooking Trafalgar Square was a particular surprise.

So, through our Places For Growth program, thousands of civil servants and even entire government organisations, including related Quangos, are being relocated out of London.

This is good for the country and also good for the civil servants, who can expect a better quality of life in our large counties and cities.

London will also benefit as we vacate buildings like 1 Victoria Street and 102 Petty France, two of the typically ugly examples of post-war development.

And nothing in the fight against waste is more important than fighting fraud.

That’s why the Public Sector Fraud Authority (PSFA) was created this week to fight public sector fraud and theft of taxpayers’ money.

This new facility will cost £11million in its first year with the aim of recovering £180million stolen through fraud.

This is of course a welcome return and once again shows the good side of public service as the fraud specialists are an impressive team.

This new body was due to be launched last month – but on the night before the launch event, Treasury-Mandarins drew red lines through its mandate, scrapped its key powers and left the organization toothless.

It would not have had the right to brief finance ministers directly, nor a guaranteed role in developing anti-fraud strategies with the Treasury — and the Treasury would not have been required to consult the PSFA when making important fraud prevention decisions.

admit mistakes

It was this kind of disability that caused Lord Agnew to resign, and his support was crucial in getting the mandate right.

Therefore, this important body was created with regained power.

It is estimated £4.9billion has been lost to Covid fraud.

Some people even used Covid loans to buy sports cars.

Although the government spends almost a trillion pounds of taxpayers’ money every year, it’s useful to get even a small part of it back.

The introduction of the PSFA was a victory for taxpayers, but the opposition I encountered exemplified the culture at the Treasury, just as it wants to maintain the over-regulated and over-taxed economy that the EU favors by aligning our tax laws with the the EU holds.

Despite the many excellent officials I work with, there’s still a reluctance to admit mistakes, which often makes things worse.

By grasping the details, this culture will change. It has never been more important to keep a tight ship.

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg is Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency.
Jacob Rees-Mogg says he is shocked at the amounts of money Whitehall is wasting


Jacob Rees-Mogg says he is shocked at the amount of money Whitehall is wastingCredit: Alamy
Rees-Mogg was stunned to find the Serious Fraud Office empty


Rees-Mogg was stunned to find the Serious Fraud Office emptyCredit: Paul Edwards – Commissioned by The Sun

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