We call it antisocial behavior, TikTok jerks like Mizzy say it’s ‘fun’

As far as actions go, they’re not particularly amusing.

It’s hard to smile at the thought of someone entering a family home, speeding down the aisles of Sainsbury’s on an e-bike, or picking up a poor elderly woman’s dog.

TikTok teenager Mizzy's behavior is far from funny and has brought him to court


TikTok teenager Mizzy’s behavior is far from funny and has brought him to courtPhoto credit: PA

But those are just some of the “pranks” dreamed up by TikTok teen Mizzy – real name Bacari-Bronze O’Garro – who was on trial this week for his idiotic videos.

The truth is, the 18-year-old’s behavior is anything but funny – it’s scary and stupid.

And yet he received little more than a slap on the wrist for his crimes: a fine of just £365 and a two-year administrative sentence.

He later boasted that “British laws are weak”. And unfortunately, I tend to agree with him.

While he’s clearly not a master criminal, these crimes are, at best, horrific nuisance and, at worst, utterly terrifying for the individuals involved.

Seeing a stranger saunter right into your home like they have every right to be there will be a heartbreaking moment for everyone.

And it doesn’t matter if he later declares something is a “joke”.

In the heat of the moment this is not clear and his behavior is antisocial and unacceptable. It’s also dangerous.

Who knows how someone will react to such a threat?

But the horror inflicted on these families certainly amounts to more than a few hundred pounds.

Still, it seems like O’Garro got off lightly because his crimes were committed in the name of entertainment.

If he had committed these crimes, some of which were quite serious, without his cell phone camera tracking, would he have gotten away so easily? I’m not sure.

There was also a deafening silence from TikTok, who seem more than happy to allow this angry chaos trader on their site.

After documenting the acts that made him a convicted criminal on their app, he should surely be banned for life.

I imagine that would be a greater deterrent than any fine.

Because this young man has shown no remorse.

A court order granted to him on Wednesday says he cannot post videos on social media without the permission of the people in them.

Still, he is said to have uploaded more “pranks” the next day – and on Friday he was arrested on suspicion of violating the order.

In a TalkTV interview with Piers Morgan, he boasted, “I’m legally an adult now, so I can do whatever I want.”

When asked about terrorizing his local community, he replied, “I wouldn’t really call it terrorizing, I just call it fun.”

And therein lies the problem. We see an antisocial threat.
He looks having a fun time.

The teenager's pranks are viewed by the public as collateral damage


The teenager’s pranks are viewed by the public as collateral damageCredit:

You might dismiss this behavior as a bit of teenage fooling around.

But I think that’s symptomatic of something bigger.

In the age of social media, the general public is increasingly being treated as “extras”.

The public is collateral damage for boring social media stars who are so attached to their screens that they’ve forgotten what it’s like to live in the real world.

Check out Just Stop Oil’s actions.

Last week three protesters climbed the fences of one of Chelsea’s show gardens and threw orange powder over it.

It was about raising awareness about climate change, all while being filmed on the sidelines by a conspirator.

It was the latest in a long list of high-profile protests apparently created by the group to disrupt everyday life as much as possible in order to create the perfect video for social media.

All of this makes me slightly despair of what has happened to our sense of community.

It’s easy to feel that social media is turning us into a nation of egomaniacs who don’t care about others.

Bike ownership is fair

Emily Bridges has a clear advantage over female cyclists and the new ruling reflects that


Emily Bridges has a clear advantage over female cyclists and the new ruling reflects thatPhoto credit: PA

TRANS cyclist Emily Bridges has launched a scathing attack on British Cycling, accusing it of “genocide”.

After the decision was made to permanently bar trans women from racing against biological women, Emily accused the organization of an “act of violence” and called it a “failed organization.”
Well I disagree.

I understand how frustrating it is for an athlete who has trained his entire life to compete in his field, only to find out that he is no longer eligible to do so.

But those who have gone through male puberty have a physical advantage over someone who hasn’t.

And Emily can still keep up if she wants to.

British Cycling will convert its current men’s section into an “open” category, allowing transgender women to compete against other male-born riders.

It may not be an ideal solution – but when conflicting rights clash, a compromise is required.

The hero’s worthy finale

FLIGHT Sergeant Peter Brown received a hero’s farewell at St Clement Danes Church on the Strand in London on Thursday.

The RAF’s central church was packed with 600 mourners paying their respects to the hero of World War II.

Flt Sgt Brown died alone aged 96 with no known family. So the neighbors wanted to organize a funeral worthy of the service he had rendered to his country.

They raised awareness of the man and his duty and got an incredible response – and rightly so!

We are all here because of the sacrifices made by people like Flt Sgt Brown and for my part I am eternally grateful.

He was given the respect he deserved. Rest in peace.

What a hit

Experts now believe that AI technology will lead to more reliable weather forecasts.

However, for the great British institution of weather forecasters like the late Ian McCaskill, it could spell disaster.

They may not always be on the right track. But they make for great entertainment.

Sharon’s bikini snap is so inspirational

Sharon Stone looks amazing at 65 and is really living her best life


Sharon Stone looks amazing at 65 and is really living her best lifePhoto credit: Instagram

WHO could blame Sharon Stone for posting this extraordinarily glamorous bikini pic on Instagram?

If I looked as good as the Basic Instinct star in that tiny Dolce & Gabbana bikini at 65, I’d do the same.

Sharon looked like a million bucks as she posed in one of the rooms at the Beverly Hills mansion she bought with the proceeds of her hugely successful acting career. Honestly, she’s living her best life.

In our sixth decade, most of us wouldn’t dare wear a bikini in the privacy of our own backyard, let alone post a photo of us in it on social media.

But Sharon looks absolutely gorgeous and is an inspiration to all of us – and a reminder of how amazing you can look at any age if you take good care of yourself.

A test for every angel

Leaked tapes showed Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree using profanity towards the producers


Leaked tapes showed Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree using profanity towards the producersPhoto credit: Channel 4

I’ve ALWAYS loved Escape To The Chateau, the TV show about a couple who left the UK for France to renovate a huge apartment and turn it into a hotel and wedding venue.

The couple, Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge, could achieve anything.

Once she used old magazine covers she found in the attic as wallpaper for a downstairs toilet.

It should have been awful, but it actually looked impressive.

And Dick, well, he fixed everything from the roof to the wiring.

But maybe it’s not la belle vie after all. . .

The Channel 4 show was canceled last year, but it emerged recently that concerns about the couple’s behavior had been raised at the channel.

And a tape was leaked online of Angel apparently starting a “smutty tirade” against a producer.

Angel is heard calling a member of the film crew a “damn little dude”.

If this tape is legitimate, then that is truly unacceptable behavior.

But it’s hardly surprising that they were grumpy, is it?

Moving to another country, renovating a run-down property and raising two children at the same time sounds pretty stressful.

And that’s before the added pressure of doing a TV show at the same time.

Testosterone levels “drop” in young men for NSFW reasons
Taylor finally reveals why she broke up with ex-Joe in new song

As someone with a bit of experience in this field, I think the motto of television should be “Hurry up and wait”.

To make a TV show, you need the patience of a saint — which neither of them seem to have.


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