Warning: ‘World’s first CYBERWAR will erupt and America will be attacked’ if the US is dragged into the Russia-Ukraine conflict

One expert said the possibility of a Russian cyber attack against the US was “very high” if the US was dragged into the Ukraine crisis, potentially triggering the world’s first large-scale cyber war. gender.

Department of Homeland Security officials warn that the United States is “on high alert” for a potential cyber attack from Moscow.

One expert said the possibility of Russia hacking is'very high' if the US retaliates against Moscow's aggression.


One expert said the possibility of Russia hacking is ‘very high’ if the US retaliates against Moscow’s aggression.
Fears continue to grow regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine


Fears continue to grow regarding Russia’s invasion of UkraineCredit: AP

Professor Scheherazade Rehman, Director of the European Union Research Center (EURC), believes that an attack on the US is “very likely” if the crisis in Ukraine Climb the ladder.

She told The Sun: “A US response would likely produce what we believe would be the world’s first large-scale cyberwar.

“The Russian have been doing pre-location and cyber-espionage operations – meaning they’re setting up holes in our infrastructure, meaning when they’re ready, they can release. It may not necessarily be tomorrow. “

And, says Taras Kuzio, a Ukrainian political expert and a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, “Cyber ​​warfare has become a fact of life as a means for states to carry out undeniably aggressive attacks.

“After an invasion of Ukraine, the US will no longer pretend that cyberattacks from Russia are not controlled by the authorities and will therefore retaliate with attacks of its own.”

He warned that cyber warfare would move to a “different level”.

Rehman believes the Russians will be “non-stop” in cyber warfare if such a conflict were to arise and the private sector would be vulnerable.

Concerns about a potential cyberattack have been raised after a DHS memo warned that Moscow would consider launching an attack in response to potential US retaliation.

Message, retrieved by ABC NewsRussia has “a range of offensive cyber tools that it can use against US networks,” said the report.

Officials warned that attacks could range from low-level services to targeting critical infrastructure.

The hackers, suspected of having ties to Russia, have carried out a number of attacks against the US in recent months.

The Colonial Pipeline – which normally transports 2.5 million barrels of gas per day – was closed on April 29 after it was broken into by Russian crime group DarkSide.

The attack crippled fuel supplies for days in the southeastern United States.

The hackers seem to have used a virtual private network account – used by employees to remotely access the corporate network – to gain access.


And, Colonial Pipeline paid the hackers $4.4 million to relinquish control of their servers.

Meatpacking company JBS also fell victim to a cyberattack that affected production at its pork plants in Iowa, Minnesota, Texas and Colorado in May.

In 2020, Kremlin spy hacked Microsoft and infiltrated the US nuclear weapons stockpile as part of a nine-month “virtual invasion” of Moscow.

Hackers used a variety of techniques, including corrupting updates from the SolarWinds network management application.

It is reported that the SolarWinds hack may have affected thousands of companies and government agencies.

Russia is also accused of carrying out a number of cyberattacks against Ukraine in recent years.


About 200,000 people lost power after dozens of distribution substations in Kyiv and the Ivano-Frankivsk region were remotely targeted in December 2015.

A year later, the Ukrainian capital was in the dark, and in 2017 hackers launched the NotPetya virus that caused more than $10 billion in damage globally.

Moscow denies such involvement, but earlier this month hackers temporarily shut down Ukrainian government websites amid rising tensions.

The country’s security service said preliminary results of the investigation indicated the involvement of “hacking groups linked to Russian intelligence agencies” but no official link had been established. .

Fears of a Russian invasion continued to grow as President Biden warned Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky about “Prepare for Impact”.

Democrats believe the invasion is “almost certain” with more than 100,000 Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border.

Isabel Sawkins, a researcher at the Henry Jackson Society, believes that any conflict in the Eastern Europe would not lie within the borders of the continent.

“The crisis has the potential to extend its tentacles to all parts of the world,” she fears.

Scheherazade Rehman believes Russia will'non-stop' in cyber warfare


Scheherazade Rehman believes Russia will ‘non-stop’ in cyber warfareCredit: AP
US reportedly told Ukraine to'prepare for impact' amid fears of Russian invasion


US reportedly told Ukraine to ‘prepare for impact’ amid fears of Russian invasionCredit: Getty
Bumpen Biden ‘made an absolute mistake’ with Russia ‘small invasion’ comment and Ukraine war is now ‘inevitable’

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