Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel Perfectly Ends the Original Pokemon Series

Welcome back to Pokemon Movies in Review, a weekly recap of the entire Pokemon cinematic universe. This week, we’re revisiting 2016’s Volcanion and Mechanical Marvel, the 20th film in the series, the final film in Generations X & Y, and the final entry before the series reboots in an alternate sequel. So with Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You !

Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel isn’t nearly as flamboyant or thrilling as it was in 2015 Hoopa and the clash of ages – would have been a great ending to the series – but it focused on the core themes of the Pokemon series in a way that gave it symmetry and a nice final feel.


Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel holds its cards closer to the coffin than any other Pokemon movie, to the point where we weren’t really introduced to the villain or his motives until almost halfway through. way. The opening scene shows Volcanion chasing a spaceship in the sky. When it landed on board, the pilot sent an Alakazam and Glalie to battle it. Using a jewel-encrusted bracelet, the pilot activates a power called Mega Wave to massively evolve two Pokemon – which any fan will tell you, not how major evolutions are supposed to be. is activity. When Volcanion fought Mega Alakazam and Mega Glailie, the pilot attached an electronic handcuff to its leg. He tried to attach a second handcuff, but Volcanion deflected it. Mega Glalie freezes Volcanion in a block of ice and ejects it from the ship. It landed directly on Ash, causing the second cuff to lock onto his waist. Volcanion recovered and took off after the spaceship again, dragging Ash with him.

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Ash spends most of the film’s time being tied up in a Volcanion Roger Rabbit fashion. That’s a particularly apt description, as it turns out Volcanion hates humans with passion. As the pair catch up with the airship, it is revealed that they are bringing the Artificial Pokemon Magearna to the Kingdom of Azoth, a clock city powered by neo-mystery science. As we learn later, the neo-mystery science developed over 500 years ago by an inventor named Nikola, brought great wealth to the city. One of his inventions was Magearna, the first artificial Pokemon. Magearna is designed with a special Soul-Heart that can be used to turn the city walls into a flying defense system in the event of an attack. This technology eventually led to an uprising as people scrambled for control of weapons. Nikola hid Magearna outside the city in a place known as the Navel Plateau. There it met Volcanion, who used Plateau as a shelter for Pokemon that had been abused and abandoned by their trainers. Now, an evil scientist named Alva has kidnapped Magearna from the highlands so that he can activate the defenses and perform a series of evil tricks.


Volcanion rescues Magearna and returns to the plateau, reluctantly, with Ash with him. The rest of the movie is essentially an examination of the relationship between humans and Pokemon, what makes them different, and how humans and Pokemon are better off living together than apart. These are the questions Pokemon have been asking since Ash and Pikachu became friends in the first episode. In fact, Volcanion’s perspective and personality are almost identical to Mewtwo in the first Pokemon movie. While it does not intend to release all Pokemon worldwide as Mewtwo did, it believes that Pokemon should be isolated from humans. It believes humans cannot be trusted, and as proof, he tells Ash about a Gulpin living on the Plateau that has been abandoned by its trainer. “I don’t know if anything happened before that,” Volcanion said. “The only thing I know is that right before its coach left, he gave Gulpin a big hug.” Volcanion goes on to explain that every Pokemon on the plateau is hurt by human selfishness and lies. Pokemon don’t have the ability to lie, that’s why, but humans do.

Ash has proven Volcanion wrong as he has many times in the past: by showing that not all humans are bad. He protected Magearna from a poacher who encountered them on their journey back to the plateau, and eventually helped fight Alva when he kidnapped Magearna again and used its Soul-Heart to power the system. defense. Ash’s selfishness and commitment to protecting Pokemon won over Volcanion. Finally, Volcanion invites Ash and his friends to become the honorary Pokemon of Navel Plateau.

magearna and volcanoes

Pokemon movies have a long history of asking complex questions and failing to provide any answers, so it’s only fitting that Volcanion and Mechanical Marvel will continue this trend to the end. There are countless examples of Pokemon enhancing people’s lives. Whether through companionship, applying their powers, or sometimes just using them for freelancing like construction workers and firefighters, Pokemon has always made people’s lives better. more beautiful. Mechanical Marvel asked us to look, then, what’s in it for Pokemon? They are routinely abandoned, deceived, exploited, and hurt by us, but when they are left alone in a place like the Navel Plateau, they create their own community and thrive. . The fact that Ash is “one of the good guys” doesn’t change the fact that Pokemon seem better alone. Just as Mewtwo Strikes Back’s anti-violent message falls flat in a world where all conflicts are resolved by combat, Volcanion and Mechanical Marvel tell us that people can’t be trusted, then do not refute that fact. I left this movie feeling like a volcano. No one can catch and train Pokemon – except Ash, of course.

As a rule, the Pokemon series does not evolve from one story to the next. It’s forever stuck in a time loop as Ash, his friends, and sometimes the Pokemon he meets learn the same lesson over and over. It is therefore fitting that the final film in the original series will repeat everything that happened in the first. It’s frustrating to see such little growth from a series that started more than 20 years ago, but you can also take comfort in knowing exactly what to expect. There are only five Pokemon movies left, and I know for a fact that at least two of them are about Pokemon that don’t trust humans. But hey, at least this time no one has to learn to believe in themselves.

magearna 2

Just a few more misconceptions from Volcanion and Mechanical Marvel

  • Volcanion believes that the difference between Pokemon and humans is that Pokemon cannot lie. I wonder if meeting Meowth will change her mind or strengthen that belief, since Meowth has essentially turned herself into a human.
  • I’m disappointed there’s no Sun & Moon movie thanks to the reboot. Lots of Pokemon owe their popularity in the movies, and it’s not fair that Generation 7’s starters and plans go unnoticed.
  • Volcanion and Magearna are the adoptive parents of Pokemon on the plateau. I think this is the first example of a parent Pokemon in the movie, as well as the first example of a romantic relationship with a Pokemon – not including Ash and Latias in Pokemon Heroes, of course.
  • There’s a little bit of Zygarde that’s just too perfect. Bonnie’s Zygarde Core transforms into a Complete Forme to stop a beam attack from the flying fortress, but no one sees that happen. Zygarde will obviously never find justice for Pokemon Z.

Next week’s review is Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! I have fond memories of seeing this movie in theaters after being out of Pokemon for a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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