Voice synopsis: Wendy Moten, Girl Named Tom – Top 11 performances

With great power comes great responsibility. So viewers of Voice was reminded with Monday’s Fan Week episode, in which viewers pick out the numbers the Top 11 made. Which actions led to the challenges they were given, and which ones stumbled so badly that all I could think to say was “Oh, gee” (which I discovered was that). his actions)? Continue reading…

Wendy Moten (Team Blake), “Freeway of Love” – Rank: B + | After being cheered on via FaceTime by Vince Gill, Wendy delivered a technically stunning but emotionally empty performance of Aretha Franklin’s freewheeling hit. How empty is it? Aside from flourishing here and there, she showed so little personality throughout her performance that I had to wonder if she understood that it was a fun the song. Strange. It’s almost undeniably the best vocalist in the competition, but she’s increasingly losing me because of her detachment from the songs she sings. That is it just I? I want to love her as much as my own voice.

Girl named Tom (Team Kelly), “More Hearts Than Me” – Rank: A- | Before performing Ingrid Andress’s modern country song, Becca – who made the iTunes Top 10 with his brothers and their cover of “Dust in the Wind” – admitted that they weren’t really artists. country scholar. But none of them need to shake in their shoes (or anywhere else, for that matter). Their harmonies may not be as tight as we’ve heard before, but overall, this is magical. That Becca in particular had the voice of an angel. Definitely the end of the final.

the-voice-recap-wendy-moten-girl-name-tom-top-11-performanceHolly Forbes (Team Ariana), “Alone” – Rank: B- | Oh my God. Heart’s big ballad is almost an invitation to narration. So even before Holly stepped onto the stage, I was nervous. However, she started OK. And she provided the first chorus with just the right amount of firepower. From there, she puts her own spin story into the second sentence, and that works pretty well, too. Then… well, her voice is like a runaway train staying near the but not completely above songs. Love her passion, and this is definitely better than bad, but running home is not. (Yes, I want to stick with the train metaphor, but what is the train equivalent of a ride home?)

Jershika Maple (Team Legend), “How to ease the pain” – Rank: A | Even during rehearsal, Jershika sounded like she was going to kill her cover of Lisa Fischer. And on stage, man, she was when. Her vocals are nuanced as if they are powerful – and they are monument power. She soars, she roars and makes us feel song more and more listen to it. She also gave a positive demonstration of why her coach called her the queen of the season. Heck, it’s not even the most upbeat song ever, but Jershika performed it with a complete exclamation point.

Lana Scott (Team Blake), “I Hope” – Rank: B + | Deliver American Idol alum Gabby Barrett’s hit, Season 21’s one and only realistic country repertoire turned out to be an absolutely incredible performance. It was weird and wild and cool to hear her sweet voice let loose in such a depressing song. I just wish her mic was turned up a little loud, because it seems like she’s been fighting most of the time to be louder than the band. (Also, this song is basically Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” again, right?)

the-voice-recap-wendy-moten-girl-name-tom-top-11-performanceJoshua Vacanti (Team Legend), “The Show Must Go On” – Rank: A | If there’s ever been a happy marriage between singer and song, it has to be a Queen and Joshua classic. I’m not going to lie – he gave me chills from the start (and they literally never stopped). Joshua is completely living his stage fantasy there, the emotion like the spotlight has turned all his emotions up to 11. Now and again, there are moments that look sloppy, but The drama and intensity that Joshua brings to his performance is undeniable. Big voice, bigger presence. He defines – and so does Jershika when we are talking about this subject – what it means Presents in a song.

Jeremy Rosado (Team Kelly), “Reckless Love” – Rank: B- | During rehearsal, Jeremy said he’s been doing Cory Asbury’s Christian hit in church for years now. But aside from the fact that spirit songs are usually a FastPass into the latter round, he performed it well, tempering his vocals and building, always building something bigger. Trouble is, the number is pretty much a flat line – not a peak lotta to go with the dips until he crosses the midpoint, when he can hit a few long notes, beautiful and really cry. It’s not his fault, though; I think he did everything he could with it (and that would be more than enough to keep him from singing for Instant Save).

Gymani (Team Kelly), “Diamonds” – Rank: C + | Huh! Rihanna’s Hits Never Really Worked Voice contestant, have it? (Am I not forget A particularly dazzling performance?) Yet, my God, Gymani got off to a spectacular start, giving the familiar figure a depth that caught me off guard. (As ) Unfortunately, the overall performance shines like a diamond in need of polishing; it just falls down pretty flat. Even Gymani’s shrill growl wasn’t as powerful as we expected. I’m afraid it will be an instant time saver for Gymani Tuesday.

Jim and Sasha Allen (Team Ariana), “Have you ever seen rain?” – Rank: C- | The father/son duo said during rehearsal that they’ve always wanted to perform the Creedence classic Clearwater Revival. However, it’s unlikely this is the best time for them to do so. Their performance mostly comes down to a glass of warm milk: pleasant but not exciting. And even Sasha didn’t dance around the stage like a pet dog he could get distracted from the yard problems that ruined their performance. As sweet as the tag team is, I doubt this will be the week they have to scramble to get that Instant Save.

Paris Winham (Team Blake), “Use Me” – Rank: A- | During practice, Paris’s coach encouraged him to loosen up a little bit about the Bill Withers classic he’d been gifted by fans. Obviously, he took the note to heart, because not only did he spew fire on stage – the flames were finely controlled, may I add – he was also playful, delivering the swagger. better than I thought we’d seen him before. He even threw in what looked like a bit of teen choreography, and he was Not seems like a guy who feels comfortable moving on stage. Not the best song to show off his vocals – too bad, fans! Bad! – but he made the most of it.

Hailey Mia (Team Kelly), “The Heart Stretches” – Rank: A | Cleverly, the 14-year-old wanted to perform Sia’s naked piano piece; if she pulls it out, it will be… cowabunga! Amazing! Is it, though? When she started singing, it sounded like she was about to kill it. She sang with the grace of a snowflake slowly melting on a windshield in the sun. Yeah, this is great. Powerful and precise, and the way she bends the notes, it’s like she’s changing their direction in midair. Plus, when she’s young, she really seems to pick up on and reflect on the harshness of the lyrics.

So, what action nailed it, and what action do you expect to be nailed in the comments? Vote in the poll below, then mute the sound.

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