Vladimir Putin is alone. Now “Sleepy Joe” Biden has to step in

Fresh off his triumphant weekend trip to Kyiv, Boris Johnson is already working on new plans to evict Mad Vlad from Ukraine.

The PM was welcomed as a war hero by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as he promised an additional £100m in tanks and missiles for defence Putin’s rape and slaughter.

Joe Biden has refused to cross a so-called


Joe Biden has refused to cross a so-called “red line” by switching to offensive weapons
Boris Johnson was hailed a war hero by President Zelenskyy as he pledged an extra £100m to defend himself against Putin


Boris Johnson was hailed a war hero by President Zelenskyy as he pledged an extra £100m to defend himself against PutinCredit: Alamy

But what Zelensky really wants is the air force, blockbuster missiles and heavy artillery to go on the offensive and kick the Kremlin monster out of his country forever.

He has to smash Putin’s ailing army while it’s on its knees, and destroy enemy bases – inside Russia if necessary – before Moscow has time to regroup.

Without more lethal firepower Ukraine faces a long and bloody conflict with ever-increasing pressure to accept a ceasefire – another word for a Putin victory.

So far, Americans President “Sleepy Joe” Biden has refused to cross a so-called “red line” by converting to offensive weapons.

Putin's aim is
Russian soldier arrested after filming himself raping a baby in Ukraine

Boris Johnson, backed by cabinet ministers, believes that needs to change.

“The West had a really big wake-up call,” says an insider.

“We cannot be intimidated by Putin’s saber-rattling and threats to use nuclear weapons.

“We need to provide missiles with the range to hit airfields on Russian territory, as well as helicopters and modern fighter jets, with training for Ukrainian pilots to fly them if necessary.”

Another minister wants biden to stop hesitating and authorize the deployment of Polish Air Force MiG jets, built in the Soviet era and familiar to Ukrainian pilots.

So far, all calls for increased military firepower have been blocked by Biden for fear of angering Putin.

That argument was lost last week amid images of the Bucha massacre and the cluster bomb attack on women and children at the Kramatorsk railway station.

The world was repelled by a message scrawled on the rocket casing: “This is for the kids.”

women were raped and murdered as weapons of war, corpses of children mined with booby traps, war crimes captured in shocking photographs.

Even the weak UN was moved to kick Russia out of its disgusting role on the Human Rights Committee.

World leaders know they cannot turn a blind eye. You now know that inaction will fuel future conflicts.

“Slowly but steadily they are changing their position,” Zelensky adviser Ivor Zhovkva told TV news channels yesterday.

“Yes, we need defensive weapons first, but other types of weapons are most important.

“We need air defense systems to protect our skies.

“We need anti-ship missiles to protect big cities like Odessa from being captured from the sea. We need guns, guns, guns.”


The fear is that Russia will embark on a long war, relying on the West – particularly Germany and France – Pressing Zelensky into a deal that will save their own economies.

But any deal that leaves Russia in control of Ukrainian territory after these atrocities would be a victory for Putin — and a defeat for Ukraine and the West.

And it would encourage Putin to make future threats against countries like Finland, Poland and the US Baltic States.

But this war has shown that Russia is a poor country on the brink of collapse.

It is ravaged by AIDS and alcoholism, with an aging population and a dramatic brain drain as wealthy middle classes flee the country in droves.

Murderous gangsters have taken over Russia’s richest industries. Putin himself sits atop a £50 billion fortune surrounded by ex-KGB comrades.

Would Putin desperately resort to weapons of mass destruction?

That risk has already been taken.

The proverbial red line has indeed been crossed – by Putin the monstrous war criminal.

This bloodthirsty tyrant must not win.

Bloodthirsty tyrant

He may not even be allowed a face saver that would keep him in power.

Would China come to his rescue? Very unlikely.

Putin has shocked Beijing not with his unprovoked brawl but with his abject failure to achieve his goal.

China expected a march through, while America was humiliated and left free to invade Taiwan.

None of that is possible now.

China has resigned. Putin is on his own.

Only a nervous breakdown in the White House can let Mad Vlad off the hook now.


RISHI SUNAK is too beautiful for cynical front-line politics.

Even the cutthroat world of Goldman Sachs – the infamous “giant squid” – failed to prepare him for sleazy, underhanded partisan politics.

High intelligence and good intentions are worthless in the Westminster jungle without rat-like cunning.

Rishi was halfway up the greasy cabinet pole when he learned the first lesson: “Trust no one.”

His critics know that he is not a tax evasion opportunist. He just didn’t see it coming.

If the Chancellor of Non-Domgate is toppled, it will be out of naivety, not out of greedy self-enrichment.

https://www.the-sun.com/news/5095903/putin-alone-now-america-step-in/ Vladimir Putin is alone. Now “Sleepy Joe” Biden has to step in


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