[VIDEO] ‘Normal Joe’ Season 1, Episode 10 – Interview with James Wolk

Is a second Ordinary Joe Troubled marriage? When the NBC drama returned with a new episode on Monday (at 10 p.m.), Nurse Joe found herself in a hurry to get there. sewed thirty pairs of tailored pants with Kinsley, the aide he hired to help care for his son Christopher while his wife Jenny pursued a foreign law degree.

It turns out Kinsley is a businessman who pre-sells zip-up clothes to her caretaker friends. In the exclusive sneak shot above, she and Joe enlist his mom, Eric and Amy to help with the big project, and Kinsley definitely feels at home with the group, sharing musical moments and jokes in in love with Christopher. So, how worried should viewers be about the sidekick, not to mention Jenny’s co-worker Barrett, both of whom have already integrated into Joe and Jenny’s lives?

Ordinary Joe Spoilers“I have to be honest, when the Kinsley character was first introduced, I said, ‘Wait a minute, is this going somewhere? Like what’s going on with Nurses Joe and Kinsley? ‘” James Wolk admit.

As for Barrett, “we saw how he interacted with Jenny and made her feel a certain way and what that meant,” Wolk said. “I always looked at Barrett/Jenny like I didn’t necessarily think she cared about him. I always feel like she cares idea his. However, as we get closer to these final episodes, you’re bound to see something start to happen there. “

Teasing Wolk: “All I can tell you is that they do a great job of getting [Joe and Jenny] and put them in uncomfortable situations that will force them to test how strong their marriage is. “

Even though the two love each other, “the exciting thing about the upcoming episodes for Jenny and Joe and the nursing world is that we get to see them experience who they are without the other person around, ‘ added Wolk. “And then we go on that journey with them like, ‘Okay, who am I without this person? What does that mean about how I feel about this person? ‘”

Ordinary Joe Spoilers

While nurse Joe navigates his long distance marriage, Sheriff Joe’s romance with Amy is progressing at a rapid pace after he declares his love for her before taking the plunge. a building is on fire. (You didn’t really think he was going to die, did you?)

“He’s never met anyone like Amy,” Wolk said. “He has real love for Amy. And he was never in a position where he wanted to make such a claim. So that’s a big step for him. But she was injured. She opened the door herself a few times, and she got burned. So she’s a much more closed person in this world to Joe. ”

Wolk loves this Joe and Amy rivalry with the married people of the music world, who are in a much more settled and attached place. However, in the police world, “you have this kind of youthful love, and we’ll see what that means for them,” the actor shared. “He is about to meet her parents. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff coming up that we’ll see between the two of them. “

Ordinary Joe SpoilersAs for Music Joe, Wolk hinted at “a pivotal moment” that will shape “both the good and the bad that emerge from” the character over the next four episodes.

Hit PLAY above for a sneak peek, then comment with your thoughts on multiple Joes timelines!

https://tvline.com/2022/01/03/ordinary-joe-season-1-episode-10-video-james-wolk-interview/ [VIDEO] ‘Normal Joe’ Season 1, Episode 10 – Interview with James Wolk

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