Usyk Defeating Fury: Dream or Reality?

The heavyweight boxing division now has two actual champions, so the world froze anticipating a fight between Olexander Usyk and Tyson Fury. Both athletes are free of mandatory belt defenses; therefore, such a meeting may not occur. The Briton recently announced his retirement, but there are rumors that he may change his mind. In turn, during a press conference, the undefeated Ukrainian boxer said that he would fight either Fury or no one. So, what are the expert predictions concerning the outcome of such an event?

Usyk Is Highly Underestimated

Suppose that fight will be announced: there are no doubts Fury will become a favorite since numerous experts state that it’s impossible to beat him. However, the Ukrainian boxer has already shown impressive results: he went undefeated in 20 out of 20 fights. His sudden transition to the heavyweight division in 2019 shocked boxing fans. Many were confident that the boxer set the bar too high and he would never realize his plans. And what do we see now?

Two incredible fights with Joshua showed the world that Usyk is ready to work even harder for new challenges. The British champion practically fell off his feet at the end of the second fight, while the Ukrainian was close to winning by knockout. This did not happen, but the judges nevertheless awarded the victory to Usyk, which once again confirmed his status as a world champion.

Why is Fury’s Victory in the Fight with the Ukrainian Not so Obvious?

Fury is a legend and will remain so forever. But Usyk has also already won the love and devotion of boxing fans. Undoubtedly, if such a fight is announced, the Ukrainian will become an outsider – betting fans will definitely notice this at bookmakers’ rates. However, do not rush to use your casino bonus and bet on the Briton since not everything is so obvious. Fury had 33 fights, and only 23 ended in knockouts. Even Joshua, who has several defeats on his account, has won more meetings by knockouts.

Without a doubt, Fury is a serious opponent, and Usyk has a tremendous job to do if this fight does take place. Tyson is noticeably larger and taller than the Ukrainian boxer. However, the latter has already proved that nothing is impossible for him! It will definitely be the most challenging fight in Olexander’s career. Now he talks about how he wants to take a break and proceed with household chores, but the whole world has already seen his ambitions.

It is a mistake to think that such a duel could be easy for any athlete. Even though the British boxer claims he is used to cracking his opponents like nuts, he also has some serious preparation ahead of him. By connecting his best qualities, Usyk has a significant chance of winning, so Fury must work hard. Of course, these are just forecasts since we don’t even know if such an event will be organized.

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