US “is watching every move by Putin for signs he may launch a nuclear strike amid fears the strike could come AT ANY MOMENT”

US intelligence chiefs are said to be keeping an eye on Vladimir Putin for signs of a nuclear attack.

Monitoring of Mad Vlad’s next move has been stepped up as the Russian dictator seeks to bring 300,000 new conscripts to the front lines to support his Shamboli invasion of Ukraine.

The United States is watching Vladimir Putin for fear of a nuclear strike


The United States is watching Vladimir Putin for fear of a nuclear strikePhoto credit: AFP
Putin Fired Nuclear Weapons Warning To Britain And West, Declaring'This Is Not A Bluff'


Putin Fired Nuclear Weapons Warning To Britain And West, Declaring ‘This Is Not A Bluff’Credit: AP
Local residents stand next to a destroyed building in Lysychansk, Ukraine, as the war rages on


Local residents stand next to a destroyed building in Lysychansk, Ukraine, as the war rages onPhoto credit: Reuters

The tyrant last week, after announcing the mobilization of troops, fired a chilling nuclear warning to Britain and the West, then declared: “This is not a bluff.”

Putin’s mock referendums in four Ukrainian regions over joining Russia have also fueled fears that he could use the result as a pretext to launch his nuclear weapons.

As his troops struggle to regain momentum in Ukraine, US officials are now keeping a close eye on the frustrated Russian leader and his army.

Commercial satellites are used by intelligence chiefs to see if Russian frontline units are preparing to launch a nuclear bomb.

Putin faces
Zelenskyi defies Putin's nuclear threat as'99% vote to join Russia' in mock referendum

Intelligence chiefs are also eyeing Russia’s Kaliningrad region — between Poland and Lithuania — where the Kremlin stockpiles dual-use weapons systems and hypersonic missiles, Politico reports.

In recent years, Russia has upgraded its missile storage facilities in the enclave, fueling fears of a possible nuclear buildup.

Fears that the area could be used as a nuclear launch site appear to be growing as flight-tracking radar websites showed several US Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint electronic surveillance aircraft circling the city this week.

The US will be on the lookout for any telltale signs that ICBM units are being placed on alert or called up for training exercises.

A US official with access to information on Moscow’s nuclear forces told Politico, “We’re watching it more closely.”

There are other subtle signs that Putin is preparing to hit the nuke button.

Intelligence officers will investigate whether units with the ability to deliver small nuclear weapons begin to behave unusually, withdrawing some forces or equipment but not others.

“We might be like, ‘huh, this is a little bit different than the way they usually work,'” the official said.

“They send that one unit in, but withdraw everyone else. This is really different. That’s weird.”

But any signals from Mad Vlad of an imminent nuclear attack could come too late, government officials warned.

Most Russian aircraft can deliver smaller, tactical nuclear weapons – meaning the US may never know if Russian troops on the front lines have swapped conventional weapons for nuclear bombs.

Russia is believed to have more than 1,900 tactical nuclear warheads.

“It’s everything from cruise missiles to nuclear torpedoes to gravity bombs to intermediate-range ballistic missiles,” one of the officials told Politico.

But he said intelligence agencies were confident Russia would not risk all-out war by launching a massive nuclear attack on Ukraine or NATO countries.

“What they’re going to do is use a short-range weapon. They have warheads, which we call micro-nuclear bombs, with a yield of 10 to 100 tons,” he said.

“That’s still a big bomb… You can focus on really small tactical targets. They don’t have a lot of radiation.”

Franklin Miller, a former veteran Pentagon official, said Putin can make the nuclear missiles come out of storage “ostentatiously” — or he can leave the world with just minutes’ warning.


The US has already warned Putin of “catastrophic consequences” if he carries out his chilling threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says the US will “react decisively” if the Russian leader carries out his nuclear warning.

Sullivan said the United States has been in frequent, direct contact with Russia to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Putin’s actions and threats.

He said: “Putin remains firmly committed to wiping out the Ukrainian people, who he believes have no right to exist.

“So he’s going to keep coming and we need to keep coming with guns, ammunition, intelligence and all the support we can provide.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy defied Putin’s nuclear threat and vowed to retake more land after 99 percent of the farce reportedly voted to join Russia in mock referendums on Tuesday.

The wartime president said Russia’s “criminal” elections would not change Ukraine’s battle plans.

In a speech shortly after the “results” were published, Zelenskyy said: “We will act to protect our people: both in the Kherson region, in the Zaporizhia region, in the Donbass, in the currently occupied areas of the Kharkiv region, and in the Crimea.

“This farce in the occupied territories cannot even be called an imitation of referendums.

“And as for the front, I will say it briefly and without details for now, although they will be good: we are moving forward and liberating our country.”

Residents have been forced to vote at gunpoint in the occupied parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson over the past five days.

Western officials have slammed the vote, which saw Putin’s goons threateningly carry ballot boxes from house to house.

Reports also surfaced of Russian soldiers marching residents to polling stations and watching them cast their votes.

The results – which observers say could also be rigged – will be finalized in the coming days but are expected to show overwhelming support for joining Russia.

Putin could officially annex the territories as early as Friday – although his troops do not control all four regions after a heroic uprising.

It would allow him to claim that Russian territory was under attack – and launch a horrific nuclear strike. US “is watching every move by Putin for signs he may launch a nuclear strike amid fears the strike could come AT ANY MOMENT”


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