‘Upload’ Summary: The Final Season 2, Episode 7 Cliffhanger

Warning: The following contains spoilers from UploadFinal Season 2. Proceed at your own risk!

“Afterlife” takes on new meaning in UploadThe last part of season 2Join Nathan in his search for life after the digital afterlife.

But first, Ingrid is determined to have children for Nathan, who confesses that he doesn’t want children or a girlfriend. Ingrid reveals that she not only brought his body back to life so he could download it, but she was alive the entire time. “I owe you nothing. Goodbye!” Nathan replied, leaving.

To Ingrid’s great surprise, Nathan and Nora realize they have what they need to join the Freeyond, which Choak is using to launch elections in the swing states. They plotted to steal Nathan’s body, with the help of Ludds, so that he could download and use his retinas to bypass the Freeyond security scan. But when Nora and Ludds arrive at the NeckGen building, they find Ingrid desperately talking to Nathan’s body. Nora is attracted to the other woman, assuring her that one day she will find true love and that she is a good person.

After Nathan is returned to his body and reunited with Nora, Ingrid gently confesses, “All I want is for you to see me the way you look at her.” Nathan apologized and thanked Ingrid, who told Nora to take good care of this client. (However, Ingrid isn’t quite as “good” at picking up a lock of Nathan’s hair from an old hairbrush at the end of the episode.)

Upload Part 2“You have a great moment when you see the human side of Ingrid,” star Robbie Amell said of the farewell scene. “[Allegra Edwards is] She’s that good at playing ex-girlfriends or psycho girlfriends, but in real life she’s such a sweet and charming person that when she shows her honesty, you can’t help but say, ‘I feel for you. see for you. Maybe it’s not your fault. That’s how you were raised, that’s who you are. It’s not your fault. ‘”

Nathan and Nora then cozy up in their private cabin, complete with a very narrow bed. When Nathan offers to sleep on the floor, Nora tells him she doesn’t miss this. “As a fan of the show, I know how important it is and two seasons have built up to this point,” where Nathan and Nora were finally able to act according to their emotions, Amell To share. “I felt that inside when we filmed it. It’s exciting, it’s stressful, and it’s great to have that feeling about a project I’m a part of… And anyone can have chemistry with Andy [Allo]. She is so charming and so sweet. ”

Upload the final part 2

More Allo: “There is such beauty and care that we all went to it and the director [Jeffrey Blitz] also. It was a beautiful moment. As a fan, I loved reading it, because I just said, ‘Yes!’ Now the person talking is a completely different conversation. I just said, ‘Oh no, don’t do that. Don’t do that! ‘”

Speaking of that jungler: Nathan gets up from a fast asleep Nora and discovers he has a nosebleed. (Remember that 80% of pigeons downloaded survive 24 hours before their heads explode.) “Nosebleeds are not a good sign,” warns Amell. “I don’t know how much time he has left. I don’t know if he needs to repost.”

If the program were to be renewed, Amell might actually be working three times as much. After Nathan goes into the gray area to get rid of Lakeview, Aleesha temporarily notices him missing and frantically begins restoring him from backup. “I’m a bit worried about how many Nathans are coming next season,” Amell said, “because you asked them to restart from a saved file, you’ve got the real world, and then I don’t know Ingrid doing with Nathan’s DNA. I don’t know if it’s for a child or for another Nathan.”

On a much less ominous note, the finale also features a delightfully unexpected voiceover when NeckGen’s strapped employee calls for help and is greeted with the following text: “Hi, I’m is Officer Jennifer Garner, an automated system with Jennifer Garner’s voice that can handle emergencies perfectly. ”

“We’re always trying to make little sarcastic comments about the future, and a lot of it is taking today’s content and just exaggerating a little,” describes creator Greg Daniels. “So the idea is that when you call 911 in the future, you’ll get a recorded message similar to the one you find in the back of a New York City taxicab.”

And before Aliases star is the game to be a small part of the episode. “An old friend of mine was a producer on a few of her shows, so I’ve met her before,” Daniels shared. “She seems to think it’s fun.”

Upload fans, what do you think of the end of the season? Rate it below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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