UK weather forecast LIVE – Easter weekend MIRACLES with temperatures suddenly hitting 20C making it hotter than Greece

BRITAIN is expected to be as hot as Greece by midweek when scorching spring heat of 18C sweeps across the UK.

Temperatures across the south east of England are expected to hit the mid tens by Wednesday, according to data available from WXCharts.

Regions such as London, East and West Sussex will enjoy a warm spell ahead of the Easter weekend.

Kent and Surrey residents could enjoy temperatures of between 16 and 18 degrees, the same temperatures as in the hottest part of Greece – where temperatures around the Greek port city of Thessaloniki will be at a milder 15C and 16C.

Met Office weather forecaster Aidan McGivern also said: “Warmer weather is on the way for the start of the week and we could even see 20C in the south-east.

“The general trend is that it is becoming increasingly likely to be warmer with higher pressure as the week progresses and into the following week.

“There’s still a chance of some rain, especially in the west.”

Read our UK weather blog below for the latest forecasts and updates.

  • “Further east areas are more likely to see brighter weather”

    Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said that despite the heat, the north-west will also experience some persistent clouds, making the eastern areas the best destination for sun-seekers over the weekend.

    She said: “When people travel for the sun, areas further east are more likely to see this brighter weather.

    “I think mainly for the bank holiday weekend we will see temperatures well above average across the UK and hopefully they could be very warm in the south east in particular.

    “Certainly warmer than average, but nowhere near heatwave criteria.

    “It’s definitely going to be warmer than the week we’ve just had and last week.”

  • UK forecast for tomorrow

    Cloudy and showers affecting many areas with the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon.

    Some bright warm spells over parts of the south. Cool, gray and humid for the Northeast.

  • “Getting Warmer” in London

    From Wednesday to Friday, Londoners will find that it’s getting progressively warmer.

    On Wednesday there will be sunny spells with cloudier spells and scattered showers.

    Broadly dry and bright Thursday and Friday but there will likely be some morning fog and patches of fog that will clear more slowly along the coasts.

  • London forecast for tonight

    A dry but increasingly cloudy evening with a possible heavy rain patch will arrive in the south around midnight and push north.

    Winds calming down from the east coasts with lows of 8 °C.

  • Not the same weather for everyone today

    Showers for some and cloudy for many across the country.

    Today was warmer and sunnier in many areas than others.

    Thunder could be in sight for southern and central England and Wales.

  • Find out what the Met Office is saying about the weather near you over the Easter weekend

  • Temperatures in the capital reach 20C this week

    Saturday is set to be the hottest day of the year so far.

    After a few cloudy days and a few showers, it’s warm and a reason for an ice cream around the corner.

    Just in time for Easter weekend, if you’re in London this weekend you’re in luck – Saturday and Sunday should be around 20°C, with Sunday being the drier of the two days.

  • Dryer weather is expected later in the month

    Higher pressure as we exit spring and enter summer is on the way

    Dry, warm weather is on the cards, particularly in the south, although night frosts are expected.

    Expect longer periods of dry, calm weather.

  • Next week seems to be another week of ups and downs

    The last few weeks have had all weather days it seems and next week seems no different.

    Beginning with haze and fog, the south and east will mainly have fine days with light winds.

    The rest of the time there will likely be rain and cloud, with rays of sunshine and stronger winds.

  • What does it mean when they talk about high and low pressure?

    The nature of the pressure can cause different weather conditions in different seasons.

    High and low pressure systems have a direct impact on the weather we experience in the UK.

    In summer, high pressure ensures bright, warm days, which we look forward to.

    In winter, high pressure brings dry, cold and frosty days instead.

  • The hot weather is upon us, but there are ways to stay cool in the heat

    It’s great when it’s hot, but can be uncomfortable when it’s too hot

    In England there is an average of 2000 heat-related deaths each year.

    Older people, and especially those with underlying health conditions, are at higher risk due to heat.

    The main problem is lack of water. Dehydration can be very dangerous.

    Overheating can cause breathing problems, especially in people who already have breathing problems.

    And heat stroke or heat exhaustion can cause fainting and other problems.

  • The rest of the week looks mostly dry

    Some sunshine the rest of the week.

    From Wednesday mostly dry, some sunshine, but often low clouds along the coasts.

    Cloudy with occasional rain in the northwest.

    Keep warm.

  • As it gets sunnier, make sure you protect yourself from UV rays

    We cannot see UV, but it can be very dangerous.

    We often hear about protecting our skin, but our eyes are actually ten times more sensitive than our skin.

    Sunglasses are the best way to protect our eyes from UV damage.

    Wraparound glasses are the best type as they block the light. Also, it is best to wear glasses between 11am and 3pm.

  • Stay up-to-date on the precipitation in your area

    The Met Office tool shows almost live rainfall across the UK.

    The map shows the rain radar every five minutes.

    Experienced here where and when rain might fall, where you are.

  • Dealing with hay fever? Climate change could affect it

    One of the most important things to consider is the increase in rainfall.

    Increased rainfall can lengthen the pollen season and increase pollen concentration.

    There may also be a change in the distribution of allergenic plants. These plants produce more pollen, which would also increase the concentration of pollen in the air.

  • What’s the weather like tonight?

    Chilly across Scotland but not a trace of snow.

    Mild in the rest of the UK, particularly southern England and Wales.

    Cloudy with rain or showers, some heavy outbreaks later spreading north across England and Wales.


  • During the day the rain moves north

    The Southwest will experience mostly dry spells for the remainder of today.

    This morning’s southwesterly showers are easing and moving north across many other western and northern areas.

    It will be mostly dry, with some spells of sunshine elsewhere, particularly in southern and eastern England. Windy but warmer.

  • What will the weather be like over the Easter weekend?

    Mainly light winds and low coastal clouds.

    Rain, wind and clouds will be the dominant factors this weekend. Be sure to take your umbrella with you!

  • Good morning everyone! It’s Ije Teunissen-Oligboh, bringing you all the weather news today.

  • Make the most of the warm weather as it may not last

    Jim Dale, founder of the British Weather Service, said that it will “definitely be warm” before the weekend.

    He noted that the “sun has put its hat on” what will likely remain for a “quiet, pleasant Easter.”

    But if you love the warm days, you should make the most of them.

    By the end of the Easter weekend, early morning temperatures will drop towards zero.

    WXCharts says the south-east and north-west of the country will wake up to -1C on Monday April 18th.

    Wales will be even colder at -2°C.

  • Warmest weather earlier this week

    Meteorologists say the best day for warmth is likely to be Wednesday.

    “Scattered showers are likely to develop through Thursday and some rain may spread to the far west later on,” they said.

    “A northwest-southeast weather division is likely to form for the remainder of the period, with the northwest remaining more variable with intermittent strong winds and rain.

    “Some rains may initially spread to parts to the south-east occasionally but are likely to dry out and become much heavier in general in the south, although perhaps fairly cloudy, with lighter winds by the end of this period.

    “Temperatures are expected to be above average and intermittently warm for the South.”

  • Brits bask in 20C sunshine

    Stunning spring weather returns for the Easter weekend – and Brits will be basking in the 20C sun after the bitter Arctic blast.

    The mercury will skyrocket after a cold spell of weather that saw lambs lifted into the air by a 144-mile tornado, freezing frosts and the very undesirable return of wintry snow.

    Met Office forecasters said the weather will be “mostly dry with light winds” – although it is likely to be cloudy near the coast.

    The Met Office’s Aidan McGivern said: “Warmer weather is on the way from early next week.

    “In the southeast we could even see 20 °C.”

  • Storm Diego wreaks havoc across Europe

    France is preparing for Storm Diego, which could hit the south-east coasts of Britain.

    Strong winds and storms are expected to hit France on Friday, which could also affect Britain’s coasts.

    Th4 UK may need to prepare for a spell of bad weather when the storm reaches England.

  • Long-term forecast for April 23 – May 7

    Prolonged dry spells may occur between April 23 and May 7, according to the Met Office.

    The forecaster has predicted: “Towards the end of April, high pressure is likely to dominate, with the possibility of prolonged periods of dry and calm weather, particularly in the south.

    “Temperatures are expected to remain above average during this period.”

  • How does the week start for the Londoners?

    Monday will be mostly dry with scattered sunbeams, however intermittent heavier clouds are possible over the western parts and may produce occasional showers.

    In the course of the afternoon, a fresh wind will blow with maximum temperatures of 17 °C.

    Outbursts of rain will thin to the north on Tuesday morning, becoming mostly dry with sunny intervals in the afternoon.

    Sunny spells and scattered showers Wednesday. May be cloudy Thursday, but mostly dry. Getting warmer. UK weather forecast LIVE – Easter weekend MIRACLES with temperatures suddenly hitting 20C making it hotter than Greece


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