‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Zatima Needs Andi

The nightmare scenario where Gary and Robin try to talk Andi into a group of three is only on Wednesday Tyler Perry’s Sistas debut season. It’s not real because Andi is dreaming. Well done, Tyler Perry! You have fooled us again!

After all of that is dealt with frankly, Andi wakes up to find the enthralled Robin staring at her lovingly after a rave night. Unfortunately for Andi, she doesn’t remember much about that night because she drank too much. But Robin was happy to be filled by her.

In fact, he was having such a good time that he tried to convince Andi to call him sick and go back to London with him. Andi says she can’t do it but adds that she wants to see him again, and Robin says he will keep her on that promise. Later, when Andi went to work, there were vases full of roses on her desk.

She asked Fatima, who arranged all the bouquets, if the flowers were Gary’s, and sadly, they were. Andi hoped they were from Robin and assured Fatima that she had finally let go of her controlling fears over her ex-fiance, and Fatima congratulated her.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Andi's snark faceThe two then talk about the previous night and Karen’s antics, but surprisingly Fatima doesn’t mention Karen’s pregnancy. That’s great for her because you know if the shoe is on the other foot… Instead, Andi tells Fatima about Karen telling her to invite Fatima to the strip club, of course, to start some mess, and Fatima laughs saying she’s glad Andi didn’t listen to Karen.

Andi also noticed the blood stains on Fatima’s pretty white dress, but Fatima lied and said it was food. Once she deflects that question, Fatima starts poking her nose into Andi and Robin’s secret rendezvous and asking Andi what else she did last night.

Andi blushes saying she went out with Robin but will have to tell her the dirty details later because they have work to do. Gary shows up and shows up later that day, but Fatima drives him away by threatening to frame him for throwing her downstairs. Fatima is really the best.

But things got complicated for Fatima minutes later when reception informed her and Andi that Hayden had been found dead in the garage. Sorry. It looks like Fatima and Zac, aka “Zatima,” will need to hire Andi as their attorney.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Karen Season 4At Karen’s salon, a woman wearing a bad wig and cheap suit who declined to be identified asked Karen if she lived with Zac. Karen says she doesn’t live with him and wants to know who is asking, but the woman says she can’t tell. When Karen said she didn’t know where Zac was or where he was, the woman gave up and left.

Karen intends to call Zac and warn him, but Pam says she can’t in case the authorities trace her phone. Pam then wonders if the woman in the suit is snooping around because of Zac’s newfound wealth, and Karen says it probably has something to do with that and decides to drive to his new home ta.

Pam says Karen should be careful because the police can track her down, but Zac’s ex-girlfriend says she knows how to shake a pipe. Turns out Karen is very good at evading the police because she shows up at Zac’s unchecked and warns him that a certain employee has come to her shop and asks about him and if they can live together or not.

Zac is a great actor, and when Karen asks her what she should do if that woman shows up again, he says she should give her his number. Shocked Karen, who has yet to see a doctor about her pregnancy or confirm paternity, tries to play father the child, but Zac doesn’t try to hear it either. This hurts Karen’s feelings, as does Zac’s initial refusal to show her the inside of his new home, and she stops in a fit of rage.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Danni and Preston had a big and angry argument about El Fuego and broke up. And then El Fuego yelled at her at the airport and asked her out, but Danni turned him down because of his stripping business. A random client tried to attack Danni, but she also turned him down, because he might be a sex trafficker. OH!

Sistas MauriceAt the bank, Que calls Maurice from prison and says he can cut a deal and get out sooner. He asked Maurice if he could stay with him, Maurice said no and immediately hung up. Sabrina called Calvin so he could talk to Maurice about his father’s problems, and the two planned a date that night.

Maurice counted a bunch of them when Calvin offered to arrange him with one of his friends, and Maurice finally gave in – but not before insulting Calvin and Sabrina’s clothes. No matter how much pain he is in, Maurice will be Maurice.

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