‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’ Season 4 Episode 3 Summary Zac and Fatima Move On

Fatima wants to continue business as usual Tyler Perry’s Sistas this week, but Zac wants to take the time to talk.

Zac said he wasn’t hungry for the dinner Fatima invited him to and that he would rather be honest about what she did to Hayden. Fatima said she felt emotional and delighted to hear that Zac would be taking on the rapping for her, especially since she “handled Hayden” to keep Zac out of trouble. Oh! These two are really made for each other.

Then Fatima sweetly says that her vigilance is gone and that she is trusting him with all her heart, and Zac says that he will have her back the way she had his. He also says he still wants to hit Hayden for hitting his soulmate in the face, but Fatima says it’s all just part of the plan. Zac said he didn’t like Fatima’s arrangement because Hayden could have seriously injured her. Fatima said she is not worried because her sons will not allow Hayden to go too far.

This prompts Zac to ask who these boys are, and Fatima says she won’t talk about it. Fatima added that she worked with a lot of guys who had been in prison and they rode her unconditionally. Criticize. Is Fatima a gangster now? She urges Zac not to be afraid of her minions, and he says he’s actually more afraid of her. Zac even admitted that he felt equally scared and enamored because he had never met a woman like his new Fatima.

They kiss and get intimate with each other as if they don’t care in the world. However, you can’t help but wonder what will happen when Hayden wakes up from his coma. Will he accuse or try to blackmail Fatima and Zac, aka “Zatima”? Or will he find another way to be annoying? Fatima said if he did, Hayden would be defeated weekly.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, PrestonElsewhere in Atlanta, Danni appears confused and disruptive when it comes to Preston and his new love interest. Her name was Tonya, and the fact that she was a veterinarian attracted the cowboy and made Danni feel jealous. Preston reminds Danni that she’s the one who doesn’t want to spend time with him, and she says she’s figuring things out.

Danni did not protest on her own and instead attacked Karen after Preston and Tonya left, although no one forced her to come to the store. She leaves in a bad mood and angrily calls El Fuego for a trophy call, and he has to check on her too. He tells Danni that it doesn’t matter who she’s mad at, he doesn’t care about being her verbal punching bag. El Fuego also said that he will text her if he feels like passing.

Danni then goes to Sabrina’s place and harasses and teases her about dating Calvin, but Sabrina begs her to stop. That’s when Danni confessed that she was really upset about Preston’s attraction to other people. Karen mentions that Zac may have set a trap for Preston and Tonya, and this only made Danni feel more angry and betrayed.

Tyler Perry's sister, SabrinaSabrina reminds Danni that she was the one who told Preston she needed space. However, Danni remains determined to play the victim and accuses Zac of causing the drama. This leads Sabrina to ask Danni if ​​she thinks Zac is dating Fatima to make Karen jealous, and Danni says that she thinks Zac is really in love with Fatima. Danni added that she was actually most angry with Karen when she called her back to Preston because she was in love with her friends. Isn’t that the truth?

At Andi’s apartment, Karen refuses the alcohol Andi offers, and this makes Andi suspicious. However, she doesn’t think Karen is pregnant and assumes that Karen is abstaining because she is dating preacher Aaron. Karen doesn’t fix Andi or clean. Instead, she admitted that she missed Aaron and turned the subject to Andi and Gary’s unlikely relationship.

The two decided to drive the Rolls-Royce that Gary had given her before returning it to him, and the police profiled the couple and dragged them over… or so it seemed. At first, the police shouted and acted crazy, but it was all a ruse. He and three other pretending officers turned out a song about Gary apologizing and wanting her back. Karen is annoyed, but Andi is tickled. OH. Only on Tyler Perry’s Sistas.

What do you think of Gary’s meticulous apology? And do you think “Zatima” should be worried about Hayden? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

https://tvline.com/2022/01/19/tyler-perry-sistas-recap-season-4-episode-3-zac-fatima-zatima/ ‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’ Season 4 Episode 3 Summary Zac and Fatima Move On

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