Twitch Streamer and Speedrunner reduce fastest time under 11 minutes

The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace… but a speed machine is shaking things up.

Metroid SNES - Samus shoots a gargoyle while jumping away

Original SNES Metroid saw a spike in activity because it didn’t die speedrun. After three years in the lead, a time of 11 minutes 16 seconds of an unknown speed racer was beaten by CScottyW, down from 11 seconds. Now, as of today, it has dropped by 13 seconds.

CHX42, a streamer and speedrunner based in Chicago, beat First Metroid without dying in just ten minutes and 52 seconds, bringing the score closer and closer to the bottom ten. They also hold world records in Any Bosses Classic, Any% Classic and All Bosses Deathless (First Kraid). Aside from that, they’re second in 100% Deathless, All Bosses (first Kraid) and Any% – that’s an impressive amount of gold and silver medals.

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It’s worth noting that it’s not a glitch-free run – as seen below, there are lots of little tricks used to speed things up. CHX42 is seen jumping over the left wall, out of sight and leveling up on its own – they then move the screen to bypass the entire area, reaching the early boss fight. As quick as these tricks are, though, the streaming itself is about 3 hours and 40 minutes long, so it won’t be long before CHX42 takes the world record. That often happens, but in particular, escapes that don’t die can be very serious.

Immediately, Metroid’s Every %Deathless run is being minified and perfected – no groundbreaking new advancement has yet to beat the previous record. Whether it can go another 52 seconds or not is in the air, dropping it to single digits in just nine minutes. That will put it on par with the normal Any% record.


But the fast-paced footage keeps surprising us, so maybe someone will find a new trick all these years to get Metroid defeated even faster. After all, these are people trying to learn more and more about a game that came out in 1994 – even in the face of The launch of Dread, The SNES classic is alive and well.

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