Tragic signs Gabby Petitio ‘feared attack’ by ‘possessive’ Brian Laundrie in latest surveillance video revealed by expert

A body language expert has claimed Gabby Petito showed signs of “fear” in the last known video footage of the young couple and was “locked up” by Brian Laundrie.

Gabby’s final hours were captured on surveillance video of a Wyoming Whole Foods on Aug. 27, 2021, as she strolled through the supermarket with her eventual homicidal fiancé.

A body language expert said Gabby Petito showed signs of it "fear" and was "locked" by Brian Laundrie in the couple's last known video footage


A body language expert said that in the last known video footage of the couple, Gabby Petito showed signs of “fear” and was “shut up” by Brian LaundriePhoto credit: Jackson Police Department
Gabby, 22, (left) disappeared while on a cross-country road trip with fiancé Brian, 23, (right)


Gabby, 22, (left) disappeared while on a cross-country road trip with fiancé Brian, 23, (right)Credit: See caption
It was later discovered that Brian had choked Gabby to death


It was later discovered that Brian had choked Gabby to deathCredit: Social Media – See Source

“As soon as you’re seen walking towards the door, you notice something very unusual,” body language expert Patti Wood said in an exclusive interview with The US Sun.

Responding to a Fox News Digital video, Patti said: “It’s very clear that she’s scared and is closing herself off to him.

“It’s closed, cropped, and it’s so small and tiny.”

Wood added, “She looks scared and they’re not communicating.”

Gabby Petito's new surveillance video reveals haunting details about the final moments
Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie in new video just hours before her death

Gabby, 22, made headlines last year after she disappeared with her fiancé Brian, 23, while on a cross-country road trip.

Her beaten and strangled body was found in Grand Teton National Park about a week after she disappeared.

Police eventually determined that Gabby was murdered by Brian when they allegedly discovered a written confession next to his body after he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Before Gabby was murdered, according to the body language expert, Brian “didn’t give any loving comfort signs” in the surveillance video.

“He puts his arm up and around her in an awkward possessive hug,” she said.

“He didn’t look her in the face. He tilted his head down and thought, ‘It’s going to be okay.'”

Wood explained, “The possession grip was up and pushing down and grabbing the other side of the arm.

“It wasn’t down and around the waist, which would show they get along.

“It goes up and down on them.”

She added: “Some women can snuggle in and put their head in and feel protected.

“It can be like that, it can turn into a protective hold.

“But in this case, it shows ownership.”


Wood explained how Gabby’s body language showed her “lack of power” in her relationship with Brian.

“Gabby pulls back, her body tense and collapsed and closed.

“It shows their lack of power,” she said.

“Laundrie shows power, but she shows vulnerability and powerlessness.”

“Her extreme discomfort is evidenced by her walking with her head slightly bowed, shoulders slumped, and arms wrapped tightly around the front of her body in a ‘Protective Shaw’ grip.

“It looks like her hand is tucked under her arm on one side so he can’t try to touch and hold her.”


“She also walks with her legs extremely close together, which could indicate fear of being attacked,” Wood said.

“She is afraid of him and closes herself off to him.”

Wood said the couple’s body language indicated an argument.

“[Gabby] remains closed, tense and small, suggesting these are victim cues rather than anger cues on her part.

“Laundrie, with his hands in his pockets, shows him trying to hide his frustration.

“If people saw them in the parking lot, most would have thought they had a fight.

“You would think that she is not happy with him.

“The signs are obvious,” she said.


Wood said grocery shopping is a very intimate act for a couple, but Gabby and Brian don’t even seem to be in the store together.

“Usually women put their bags outside so they can go for a walk with their loved ones.

“They’re not in the store together, even though there’s only the two of them on this trip,” she said.

“One might think that they want to make decisions together.

“One of the most intimate things you can do with your partner is go grocery shopping with them.


This video shows Gabby’s “victim role,” according to the expert.

Wood said, “All we can see is that she was scared.”

“The arm that [Brian] trying to convey it is a way he says “we are a couple”.

“I have to make it seem like I’m a good guy.”

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While the warning signs are now evident, Gabby was nonetheless the victim of domestic violence that ended her life.

“People might not want to be involved since their relationship is part of their personal lives,” Wood said.


“She’s afraid of him and shuts himself off from him,” says the body language expertPhoto credit: Jackson Police Department Tragic signs Gabby Petitio ‘feared attack’ by ‘possessive’ Brian Laundrie in latest surveillance video revealed by expert


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