Top Minister Nadhim Zahawi says we will be the first to leave the pandemic behind but Covid can stay with us for 10 years

Health Minister Nadhim Zahawi believes the UK will be the first to put the pandemic behind our back.

He hopes that we will be able to transition away from Covid – but has warned that it could be with us for up to ten years.

Experts admit early predictions about Omicron were wrong


Experts admit early predictions about Omicron were wrongCredit: Rex
Nadhim Zahawi says isolation rules will be reviewed


Nadhim Zahawi says isolation rules will be reviewedCredit: PA

“I hope we will be one of the first major economies to show the world how you can go from pandemic to pandemic, and then deal with this even if it persists,” he said. stay with us for how long, whether it’s five, six, seven, 10 years.”

The Education Secretary also revealed that the COVID rules will be reviewed by health officials amid calls to reduce self-isolation from seven days to five days.

Nadhim Zahawi was one of the first ministers to support the new measures, telling the Sunday Times it would be “more helpful” to the staffing shortage in the east.

The former vaccines minister told The Sunday Times that cutting the quarantine period from seven to five days would be “more helpful” after a flurry of NHS funds declared a state of emergency due to staff shortages.

It comes as:

And speaking to Sky’s Trevor Phillips this morning, he said the UK Health and Security Service (UKHSA) was checking the length of the quarantine, saying: “We have to be careful to see if we move. or not because what you might end up with is really a misbehavior. Incentive when the spike is higher because people get out of it too soon.”

He added: “But they say they’ll look at it and if the evidence is there if you’re asymptomatic and you’re vaccinated and boosted and you have two days out of seven days of negative lateral flow testing. counted, they said they would keep that in the review process..

“It will certainly help alleviate some of the pressure on schools, on the critical workforce and others.

“But I would absolutely be driven by advice from experts, scientists, on whether we should move to five days from seven.

“What you don’t want is to produce false results because of a higher level of infection.”

It comes after he told the Sunday Times that UKHSA wanted to review the length of the quarantine.

He added: “If they look at it and say they’re going to reduce it to five days, which is even better for me, that’s even more helpful.”

Experts yesterday told The Sun Online that The UK is emerging as one of the most immune countries in the world with data showing that 98% of Britons have some form of resistance against Omicron.

Official The death toll has passed 150,000 in the UK yesterday since the pandemic started however cases have continued to fall.

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However, experts who initially warned Britain needed to take harsh measures or face thousands of deaths from Omicron have now admitted they were wrong.

Modelers advising the Government admit that the number of winter deaths from the new strain will be “significantly” lower than they had predicted, mainly because the strain is less deadly than them. think Online email report.

Dr Nick Davies and his team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine built early models assuming Omicron was as deadly as the Delta strain.

He said: “Now we know that doesn’t seem to be the case in this case, as people end up being hospitalized with Omicron, but they don’t need serious care. [to the same extent as with Delta]”

“The death toll will be greatly reduced [compared with original estimates]. “

He added: “It is clear that our understanding of Omicron has changed dramatically over the past two weeks.”

It comes as a chain extremely active research showed Omicron IS to be milder than other strains, with the first official UK report revealing the risk of hospitalization as 50 to 70% lower than Delta.

Health officials have repeatedly said the Covid booster shots protect against Omicron and offer the best chance of weathering the pandemic.

The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is helping to get key additional vaccines in British arms to avoid the need for any new restrictions.


Other experts have also called for a “new norm” and focus on disease management to enable people to return to normal lives.

Dr Clive Dix, former UK vaccine team leader, said: “It makes no sense to give more and more vaccines to people who are not seriously ill. We should just let them get sick and deal with it.

“We need to analyze whether we would use an existing reinforcement campaign to ensure vulnerable people are protected, if this is deemed necessary. Population-based mass vaccination in the UK should now end.

“Now we need to manage the epidemic, not let the virus spread. Therefore, preventing progression to severe disease in vulnerable groups is a future goal.

“We should be looking at when to stop testing and have individuals quarantine when they are unwell and return to work when they feel ready, the same way we do during a bad flu season.”

Another top doctor ruled out a “major increase” in coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths as he said case rates are likely to be stabilizing nationally.

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter told Times Radio: “Cases are not growing as fast as they used to be and may have stabilized across the country, but at a very high level and not going to decrease rapidly.

“We’re definitely not going to see a huge increase in intensive care admissions and deaths and those really dire outcomes.”

I hope we will be one of the first major economies to show the world how you go from pandemic to pandemic.

Nadhim Zahawi

Asked if Boris Johnson had taken a “gamble” in fending off the carnival-time embargoes, he replied: “It’s a gamble, and you know, all of it. what I think the best we can say is he can get away with it, but we’ll have to see over the next couple of weeks.”

A senior doctor said around half a million vaccination appointments were being offered online in the UK to 12-15 year olds in January – with around 500 clinics and 300 centres.

And the Health Secretary has criticized “anti-vaccination fanatics” after he revealed that nine out of ten Covid patients in the ICU had not received a booster shot.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Sajid Javid said that “70% of Covid patients lying in bed in the intensive care unit are shockingly unvaccinated …” before causing “disappointment” that the tennis star Djokovic is “promoting skepticism” about vaccines.

It comes as experts believe the coronavirus will as mild as a common cold in a few months and the world will be back to normal.

Meanwhile, Scotland’s Health Minister Humza Yousaf said Scotland was not considering further reducing the period of isolation.



Police clash with anti-vaccination passport protesters across Europe as countries tighten rules to combat Omicron wave Top Minister Nadhim Zahawi says we will be the first to leave the pandemic behind but Covid can stay with us for 10 years


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