Top 50 signs you are winning in life

1. Finally found what you’ve been looking for and lost for ages

2. Traffic lights turn green when you approach

3. Get a surprise tax break

4. Unexpected salary increase

5. Line up at the top right in front of countless others

Join the queue

6. When your car is completely clear about MOT

7. Get a Small Win in the Lottery

8. Free hotel upgrade

9. When something you have successfully grown will bloom / produce

fruit or vegetable

10. When it’s sunny on a day off work

11. When you do something yourself and it really seems like it

12. When someone takes a picture of you and you look good

13. Receiving a compliment from a stranger

14. When it starts to rain as soon as you bring your laundry in

15. When someone says you’re wrong about something, so you

Google it and you’re right

16. Find you still fit in an old but special piece of clothing – like a

suit or dress

17. Waking up thinking it’s a weekday but realizing it’s the weekend

18. Arriving late for the train only to find out it was a bit late

19. When a social event you can’t mind getting canceled

20. Go to the same bus or train station as your transportation


21. Parallel parking on first attempt

22. When the clocks go back and you have an extra hour in bed

23. Get a seat on a crowded train

24. Received online delivery earlier than expected

25. When you miss a bar of chocolate you saved

26. Get a house for yourself

27. Have a nice day

28. When you get the right answer while watching a gameshow

29. When you are served right at the bar

30. Win an online auction with the last second bid

31. Go to the movies and no one is sitting in front of you

32. When you try a joke and it lands / people find it funny

33. No need to queue at petrol pump stations

34. When you order a gift for someone and it arrives at the right time

35. When your birthday falls on a weekend or a Bank Holiday

36. When your partner says “do we take out tonight?”

37. The satisfaction of putting something away where you will be

can find it later

38. Come home from work and dinner is ready

39. Fill up with gas and come to a perfect stop on the pound

40. Get back to your car as soon as the parking ticket is about to run

exit/go to the next price range

41. Remember your bag and weigh the stroller

42. When you crack an egg and there aren’t any shells in the mixture / don’t

break the yolk

43. Found out a work meeting was cancelled

44. When your baby sleeps through the night

45. There’s enough milk for one last cup of tea

46. ​​Coming to work late and finding out that the boss hasn’t arrived yet

one in two

47. Insert the USB properly the first time

48. Find out your boss has a day off

49. Get the right key for the door lock on the first try

50. Post on social media and get lots of likes Top 50 signs you are winning in life


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