Top 5 things to bring to your new lodge

When it comes to creating the perfect home away from home, there are a few creature comforts you’ll want to add to your new lodge, to create a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’ve purchased a lodge – from sites such as, for example – near the coast or nestled in the countryside, there are a few things you could take to your new holiday home to make it feel like a calm and relaxing second home.

With home in mind, here are our top five things we’d bring to our new lodge, to make it the perfect place to escape the mundane nine to five.

  1. Photos and artwork

Adding photos and artwork to your lodge helps not only put your own stamp on the place but also creates a home-from-home feeling with a personal touch. Imagine your captured memories hanging on the wall, inspiring new adventures just outside your lodge, whilst also reminiscing about times passed.

When hanging artwork on the walls of your holiday home, you can always hang something created by a local artist, who’s captured the essence of the location you’re staying. This could be a beach scene or a rural landscape piece, showcasing not only local talent but helping to bring the outside in – is a great way to make your new lodge feel like home.

  • Blankets and cushions

Adding soft furnishings such as blankets and cushions helps to create a cosy, relaxing environment. As well as comfort, this also brings with it the opportunity to add a pop of colour to your lodge. These could be used as statement pieces, or to simply help brighten the place up.

And when you’re visiting on colder days, you can rest easy knowing there’s a soft, cosy blanket waiting for you to curl up in, when you step through the lodge door.

  • Games

Whether holidaying as a family, or with a group of friends, sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a classic game of Monopoly, cards or Jenga, for example. So, keeping a spare game or two at your lodge, we think, is always a good idea. Additionally, board games such as these classics can be enjoyed by all ages, no matter the weather or your lodge location.

  • Scent

Another essential is adding a fragrance to your lodge, in the form of reed diffusers, air fresheners or even fresh flowers. This is a great way to not only add a personal touch to your holiday home but also trigger memories and emotions through sensory interaction, bringing peace and calm to your space.

If residing by the beach, why not try sandalwood and sea salt reed diffusers or candles, helping to bring a scent of the outside in. Or, if your lodge is more within the rural parts of the UK, how about a rose, clean cotton or even vanilla scent, to bring the earthiness inside and create a warm, welcoming aroma within your lodge.

  • The perfect snack selection

No holiday would be complete without the perfect seaside, trekking snacks – or, the perfect movie-snack complements. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, prefer something savoury or even a mix of both, it’s good to bring lots of snacks with you when staycating in your holiday lodge. Create the ultimate snack draw for you and your guests to raid before snuggling down for a movie night or gathering together around an open fire.

So, how will you be making your new lodge feel like home? Have you received some newfound inspiration from these top tips, or have you got your own tricks up your sleeve? However you decide to put your stamp on your new lodge, we hope it soon feels like a home away from home.

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