Top 3 junglers in Pokemon Unite

The jungler probably has to fight more than any other role on a team in Pokemon Unite.

As a Jungler, the player needs to eat the most in the team and have a level advantage over everyone else. Therefore, they will need to choose characters with high DPS and powerful abilities that can take aim, kill enemies, or both.

What’s the best Pokemon to bring into the jungle?

3) Talonflame


Players wouldn’t be surprised if they loaded into their character select screen in Pokemon Unite and saw a teammate immediately click on this Pokemon and call the center within seconds. Talonflame’s kit is specifically designed for being a jungler.

Although Talonflame users will be extremely weak during the Fletchling and Fletchfinder phases, once they reach level 7, they will receive a power spike. A well-nourished Talonflame can easily take down in teamfights, but even if the fighting goes badly, they can still Fly or use a Unite Move and steal any of the three targets.

2) Dragonite

Dragonite arrives with a pre-Christmas update (Image via TiMi Studios)
Dragonite arrives with a pre-Christmas update (Image via TiMi Studios)

The newest face of Pokemon Unite also appears as one of the more OPs. Thanks to the incredibly powerful Hyper Beam, Dragonite has the single best security potential in the game.

Of course, this Pokemon doesn’t have as much to write home about as Dratini or Dragonair. If Dragonite can get to level 8 by the first Dreadnaw (which Dragonite players should definitely push), the opposing team won’t be happy. When Dragonite initiates Dragon Dancing, it can charge powerful Hyper Beams to finish off Drednaw, Rotom, or Zapdos/Articuno.

1) Tsareena

Tsareena can go jungle even if it's an almighty Pokemon (Image via TiMi Studios)
Tsareena can go jungle even if it’s an almighty Pokemon (Image via TiMi Studios)

Yes, Tsareena was nerfed in the recent patch. Does that do anything to stop it from dominating games? Difficult. The problem here is Tsareena still has insanely high damage along with the cool cooldown that Queenly Majesty provides.

Tsareena doesn’t have the same safety potential as Dragonite and Talonflame. However, it makes up for this by being the only best Pokemon to have in a team battle. Once Tsareena starts using Kick and Triple Ax for KOs, it will be much easier for the rest of the team to defend the targets.

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