Tips hosting a game night for adults

Games night with friends is a serious matter, especially if you have a frequent evening where you and your pals get together. If you want to keep them just as entertaining every time you host, you should keep to this set of tips to keep your nights fun and fresh. Playing games such as video poker, charades, and cards is a great way to start your evening, but if you’re looking for something a little more, here are nine top tips you should follow.

Bring Desserts

Desserts are essential if you want to give your friends that little sugar buzz through the night to keep their minds set on whatever you’re doing, and they also make a great indulgent treat. A cheap donut box is a great choice; they will get eaten, they’re simple finger foods, and people can always take them home with them if they don’t fancy them on the night.

Have A Game in Mind

Have a game already in mind before the night begins. Sometimes having a choice on the day can create a little heated discussion between friends who cannot decide on their game of choice. If you provide people with a list of options beforehand, it will make your entire night run that little bit smoother.

Invite a Good Group of People 

When inviting friends, choose activities accordingly. If there is a big group of people in even numbers, team games are an excellent way for people to work together while also offering a bit of heated competition. All your guests must be just as passionate as one another about playing the game ahead (having someone who isn’t so interested can drag the entire group down) and keep things fun. The numbers have a knock-on effect on the games you play; some will work better for smaller groups, some with bigger ones. That’s just how it goes.

Have Drinks Stocked Up

If your game night takes place on a weekday, people may still want to have a glass of wine. If you have friends who are particular about what they drink, it is perfectly fine to ask everyone to bring their own drinks, just as long as you provide the food. A sharing bottle of wine is great for those with no true preference.


Finger Food 

There is no need to cook a full dinner for everyone on a game night, which will completely take away from the task at hand, the game. Finger foods are a great choice allowing people to pick as much or as little as they desire while still knowing whose roll of the dice it is. If you’re worried about the dishes you may have to finish, paper plates and napkins are great, and no one will judge; just provide the glasses for drinks.

Don’t Set a Mood

If you’re worried about setting the right mood, don’t. Background music is fine, but the need for candles and lighting is redundant. Most of the time, everyone will want to focus on the game so the music will be low, but concentration will be high. If the main room light is a little too bright, lamps are a better option than candles. If everyone is focused on the game you guys are playing, open flames could become a hazard.

Choose the Right Games 

Choosing the right games to play that everyone will enjoy can be a little bit of trial and error. Old board games can be great. Everyone will know the rules and hit that sweet nostalgic bliss as they play. To spice up and make older board games feel more personal, why not introduce custom pieces that your friends can use every week. The personal attachment will add a little fun and loyalty to the game, making it better for everyone. Having a personalized piece also removes the chance of fighting over a particular character or color.


Have a Backup Board Game Ready

Backup games are important. As a host of a games night, you become somewhat of a conductor, reigning everyone in at the start of a game while also keeping the fun alive. When you have finished the main objective of the evening, why not throw in a smaller fun game that only lasts a few moments. Something light-hearted and funny is excellent at this moment as it lets everyone leave the night laughing and on a high, ensuring they remember how fun game nights truly are.

Don’t Worry About the Chairs. 

If you’re worried about seating, don’t be. As long as you have enough floor space, you should be good. Scatter some cushions to keep everyone comfortable and put whatever you’re playing on the floor.

Huynh Nguyen

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