Tips for playing Blood Angels

Angels of death. Adeptus Astartes. Fist of the God-Emperor of Mankind and the chosen sons of the Fallen Angel Sanguinius. A gripping title about a race of super-vampires in tank-like armor and the correct way to address the mighty Blood Angels of Baal. They also happened to join Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector.

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Armed and armored with the best man has to offer, the Blood Angels are the first and last line of defense against the Tyranid menace. Whether you’re sending to the Death Company, or standing back and deftly launching hell as Hell Blasters, there are plenty of tricks you can do with the boys in red.

You have no limit

WH40K Battlesector 2 Aggressors

Blood Angels are the epitome of the universe. Although they have some super specialized units, most of their squad is more than capable of dealing with many threats. Your opponent can’t just do miscellaneous attacks when even your most basic army can wipe out all enemies.

This makes playing Blood Angels extremely pleasant. A destructive unit like the Furiso Dreadnought is more than capable of taking on huge biological giants, slaying hordes of smaller enemies and shooting down medium-sized mooks. Sure, the Tyranids have arguably better units in any given area, but you do get access to a bunch of bombs and bullets that can kill just about anything.

Not fear

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector Tyranids Shooting BA

For the most part, Blood Angel units are much harder to kill than their Tyranid counterparts. Thanks to the thick armor and huge amount of health, taking down an Astartes will take a lot of time. This extra layer of protection allows you to play a little harder. That’s not to say you should run in without a plan, and that you absolutely don’t want your expensive units wiped out by enemy Exocrine, but you do have plenty of room and space to go. make mistakes.


Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector BA Overwatch

You can be tough and you can be well equipped but without vision you are nothing but a humanoid fish in a barrel. This is an area where the Blood Angels suffer because the military simply lacks options when it comes to effective scouts.

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Your only real choice will be the Land Speeders, which, as the name suggests, are pretty cute. You can move them up, find enemies, and then move them back. Land Speeders are also pretty resilient, so it’s unlikely they’ll ever fall into Overwatch’s hands.

Reconnaissance gives you detailed information about enemy positions, movements and army composition. Each point holds more value than the points and actions taken to get them.

Target priority and weapon management

WH40K Battlesector Intercessors against tyranofex

You will be outnumbered when facing Hive Mind. This can get pretty overwhelming when a horde of people suddenly starts rushing into your path. The main thing you have to remember when the battle is in progress is to prioritize the objective.

Every unit has armor value and every weapon has penetration. You want to utilize the right weapon against the right target. It seems tempting to launch a blast of hot plasma at an invading Hormagaunts unit, but, if you have a balanced list, you should have something more effective.

If your Hell Blasters are shooting at small rats, their larger units will work for free. A similar thing can be said when talking about wasted small arms fire. There’s very little point in throwing grenades and firing lightning at a large burning Tyrannofex when those same weapons can be used to decimate entire squads of smaller enemies.

Don’t gather together

WH40K Battlesector's Beastly Battlefield

It’s very tempting for the Blood Angels to clump together and form a ceramite wall. This is rarely a good idea, especially when your enemies are legions. The last thing you want is for your force to be surrounded or ambushed.

To avoid this, even in the game Exterminatus, you need to spend units defending your flanks. Get some units of Marines ready to stop the opponent’s gambit as well as some Land Speed ​​Airplanes. In an objective game you will need to do this to win in general. If you’re diving in the middle of the map, you won’t be using the side objectives. This is more or less an automatic loss.

Bypass Bait

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector Hive Tyrant

Blood Angels are not exactly flexible when moving out a few units. This means that you are very vulnerable to bait. This is especially true when trying to take down an enemy Hive Tyrant.

These are fast, they’re tough, and do loads of damage. Naturally, they are the number one enemy of the public. However, don’t be tempted to chase one. A competent Tyranid Player will use their faster units to perform hit and run attacks, and if you run after them you will find yourself lost and staring at an army of troops. bug.

Using Overwatch effectively and focusing on other threats first is almost always your best bet.

Plan your army

WH40K Battlesector Furiso Librarian Dreadnought

Military composition is arguably the most important step in Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector. If you mess around here, your forces will likely die in a Baalavian ditch. Thankfully, building an army with the Blood Angels is pretty straightforward thanks to the popularity of their units.

However, there are a few things to watch out for. If you’re a fan of the extremely powerful Furioso or Librarian Dreadnought and have brought a group – maybe consider a Tech Marine to keep them alive. Likewise, if you have expensive infantry the Apothecary can go a long way to keeping them alive.

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You also can’t go wrong with Hell Blaster. Usually the most dangerous units in the Tyranid Army are the big ones. Hell Blasters are specifically designed to punch holes through their armor, so it makes sense to have a few trench units.

Intercessors can be difficult to ignore because they are pretty basic, but they are invaluable. Not only can they be used to sift through your more valuable units, but they also have a great range, a gun capable of taking out smaller enemies, and access to team-removal grenades Figure. They also add a bit of bulk to your force, giving you more range on the map.

Blood Angel Hero

Warhammer 40,000 Heroic Librarian

Blood Angels has access to a decent number of characters – all of which are great. They can heal units, increase their abilities, and often act as a mana multiplier. A good unit can become great with the guidance of the right Hero.

Because the Blood Angels are pretty strong fighters, it can be tempting to throw a character into the fray and use them as a metronome. Hit the Thunder Hammer and swing the rope. This is a terrible idea because Blood Angel Heroes are prime assassination targets.

When it comes to winning the game – especially in Exterminatus – you don’t want your expensive characters killed. This is a huge point swing for your opponent and can easily cause you to lose the game. Even bullied characters can be reduced in just a few shots, and if you let your people show, your opponents will take them down.

As a general rule, you want your Heroes to be surrounded by the units they are designed to support. This makes it harder to target, helping them to survive longer.

Do not rush

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector Rush

Executing without a plan is rarely a good idea – but it’s actually worse if you’re working on a plan that you mess around with impatiently. The fog of war hides many dangers, and entering it will only lead to ruin. If your opponent has units in Overwatch, the last thing you want to do is have them shoot one of your units.

You never want to move your units an entire distance in a single click – that’s simply too risky. You want to move them tile by tile and slowly peel off the fog of war. This allows you to react to the changing battlefield, instead of trapping you in a deadly sprint and out of position.

This also applies when the battle is hectic. Accuracy in Battlesector can vary from cell to cell. Moving one step in the right direction can mean the difference between hitting an enemy and moving it. Every step opens up new opportunities, and rushing will only cause you to miss them.

Overwatch, Overwatch, Overwatch

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector Overwatch

Overwatch should always be considered. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a firing lane, or if you’re moving around in an open area, you need to be constantly aware of it’s existence.

If you are not effective Overwatch, enemies can easily move around your lane and land on either side. This can be devastating if they stick a bead to one of your powerful supports or damaging shards.

You also don’t want to step into a completely unintelligible fire. This has been mentioned before, but the fact that it is mentioned again shows its importance.

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