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Although many of its opponents fall into the “power creep” trap – when new characters come out rendering older, weaker characters obsolete – The Genshin effect is a gacha RPG where every hero can survive in the ultimate game. Genshin certainly has its superstars but even starter units can hold their own. Your effectiveness depends only partially on the characters in your party, an even bigger factor determining your success is the artifacts that those characters possess.

Breeding animals is a chore that will take work most in your time as a late game player, and since the crafting domains drop random loot, the amount of time spent with one player or another will vary. However, each domain has clear strategies and “vascular disorder” (ie buffs and debuffs) you can leverage to make the process faster. You will also get better rewards more often if you are doing the hardest areas after ranking 45 adventures.

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Updated December 27, 2021 by Joseph Burrell: With the introduction of a new five-star character, especially the popular one like Itto, a new wave of Genshin players flocked to grab the best domain gear. The Flash Court is where you’ll find the ultimate artefacts for Inazuma’s ugliest geo-bandit, but are you really using him to farm there, or let the Kokomi mains get the laughs? Final? Here’s what you need to know before raising animals.

Summer Courtyard (Electronic Artifacts)

Genshin Impact Midsummer Courtyard Domain Xiangling

Overload creates additional explosions that damage enemies, while the superconductor causes a flash of lightning that is harmful to you alone. You will begin to be surrounded by five large electric slimes, which are relatively non-hazardous, as usual, but aforementioned leyline disorder punishes cryo’s carelessness.

Diluc will shine here, as will Klee, Yanfei and Yoimiya. However, ranged attackers should beware of the second wave of cicin mages and Genshin’s inaccurate auto-targeting. Defense unit unnecessary, but if the damage taken is too much then Noelle, Zhongli or Ningguang are well suited for non-reaction shielding. Diona is also viable, as her shield can block superconducting activating lightning bolts, though it’s better doesn’t depend on her elemental explosion for healing here.

Valley of Remembrance (Sedation and Healing)

Genshin Impact Eula Memorial Valley

Of the valley The physical damage bonus is a boon for Eula power source, as well as Keqinqs, Razors, Beidous and Rosarias holding a sickle. The valley is one of the least complicated areas because it does not have a negative impact on the dysphonia.

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If you feel comfortable rotating the camera to hold agent fatui on your periphery then you can focus on mage cicin first, for the sake of getting rid of its nasty cicins. Agent Fatui is only dangerous if he stalks you. Tracking him can be tricky depending on the platform you choose, so prioritize enemies as you see fit. Stockpiles can be used to refresh “on kill” buffs if your weapon has one, or they can provide slow-moving projectiles for Beidou to easily counterattack.

Domain Of Guyun (Geographic Artifacts)

Guyun's Genshin Impact Domain Raiden Update

Like the Midsummer Courtyard, the Domain of Guyun rewards certain reactions and punishes others. This time Superconductor deals extra damage to enemies, while melting and vaporizing – strongest elemental reaction of the game – will harm you.

However, this domain is a path for Fischl, Sara, Raiden, Ganyu, or even Ningguang – who can eventually attack the ruins hunter without giving chase or needing to manually aim. labour. The last two cryo mages will lure you into using the melt reaction, but stick to the superconductor and their shields will break instantly.

Hidden Palace of the Cycles (Pyro Artifacts)

Genshin Impact Palace Of Zhou Formula Domain Rosaria

Melt causes an explosion against enemies, while overloading causes an explosion against you. Fan-favorite characters Raiden and Fischl should probably be best ranked left here – thanks to pyro slimes, pyro mage and flaming mitachurls – or they will. punished by overload every time their skill activates.

These two can be used if a strong shielder is available, such as Zhongli or Diona, but attackers such as Kaeya, Ayaka or Rosaria should be able to tackle this challenge without much defense. player.

Transparent Pool and Mountain Cave (Physics and Boom)

Genshin Impact Artifact Domain Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern

Steadfast, unreactive, firm as a mountain…geoelectricity reigns supreme in the cave. Venti is also a great choice for this domain, but that goes without saying because he cleans most domains with ease. Vortex response is very helpful here as you face three abyss mages, each of whom is weak to the other’s elemental.

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Geographic characters also receive a generosity 75% elemental damage buff from vascular disorders without negative trade-offs. A Ningguang with any constellation will be able to deal very strong geographic area damage. Stand near the outer wall for the mages to teleport together then release your AoE with Ningguang or Zhongli.

The Peak of Vindagnyr (Cryo and Hydro)

Vindagnyr Domain Xiao's Genshin Impact Peak

Standing on a heated tile is much less important than stay away from cold things. While the threat of absolute cold is always present, with enough damage (especially pyro damage) you can easily clear this dungeon before the frost wears off your HP.

Common suspects: Diluc, Bennett, Xiangling…anyone can contribute to, and make use of, pyro-element resonance. If you don’t have a main-DPS pyro, spin teams can be substituted. Peak is considered by many to be the easiest top-level domain, further contributing to the DPS dominance of Ganyu and Ayaka, who are easily obtained here.

Ridge Watch (Defense and Physics)

Genshin Impact Ridge Watch

This domain rewards defensive play, this is not a common occurrence in Genshin Impact, so bring your Xinyan, Ningguang, Zhongli, Diona or Beidou and watch your enemies defeat them on their own.

This leyline disorder deals damage to enemies every time they attack your shield. No shield? (Putting aside Noelle… she just wanted to help). No problem! This whole war is nothing but two geographic chances, who will drop crystal shields when hit, pick them up to benefit from vascular disorder, even if you don’t use the shield character.

Momiji Dyeing Court (Ministry of Energy)

Genshin Impact Momiji Dyed Court Artifact Domain

Pyro and cryo characters are clearly enhanced by vascular dysregulation of this domain (60% bonus damage while standing on matching colored tiles), but again, the non-animal characters also give admirable performances thanks to their spin ability.

Any pyro or cryo five star unit will rip this domain off if you’re standing on the respective tile, and especially if Bennett is offering his ATK boost. Alternative strategies are as simple as dropping a Xiangling pyronado and/or Guoba, then followed by an explosion from Xiao, Kazuha, Venti, or Sucrose to deal vortex and overload damage to electric and domain mages. deep.

The Oversleeping Court (Defense and Healing)

Genshin Impact Slumber Court Domain Raiden

Mihoyo seems to take one of two approaches when designing domains: enemies and veins, or directly punish those who want to plunder the domain (e.g. Beidou and Fischl fight at Midsummer Court). or domain will be customized to a comfortable character because.

Kokomi may not be as popular as other five-star characters but anyone raised in this domain will be happy to have her. The New Rifthound enemies here are fast and numerous. Their poison debuff is a good reason to have a healer. Circuit disturbances reward charged reactions, which in turn also carry electrical and hydrological properties. Kokomi fulfills both of these requirements, so do Barbara and Xingqui to a lesser extent. When Large Rifthound and Mitachurl spawn, focus down the former, it’s a more menacing enemy and you’ll regret losing it if you’re watching Mitachurl.

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