Throwing Boris out of Partygate would be a victory for Putin

IF Boris Johnson actually resigned over Partygate, no one would be happier than Vladimir Putin.

The chorus of virtue-signalling jackals calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation – Labour, the SNP, the Twitterati, our scrupulously impartial BBC where they cover a nine-minute birthday celebration as if it were an orphanage burning down – would all step forward Orgasmic squeal of delight when Boris resigns.

Boris Johnson has led the tottering West to Ukraine's side


Boris Johnson has led the tottering West to Ukraine’s sideCredit: AP

But no one would want to squeal with orgasmic delight that much Russia’s Putin — and its autocratic leader, China’s Xi Jinping.

These brutal, nuclear-armed dictators firmly believe that the free world is in final decline.

If Boris Johnson – a leader democratically elected by an 80-seat majority – resigns due to a £50 fine for lockdown breaches, the new leaders would be proven right.

The West would have proved too decadent, too spoiled, too smug and too far up its own Wembley Way to live in the real world.

Who will punish Vladimir Putin for being a naughty boy? Who will slap Xi Jinping on the wrist in Beijing for eating illegal cake?

Look – by all means, be red hot that this government far too often acts as if the rules are for the little people.

Lest we forget, we must be ready to fight for freedom like the Ukrainians
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And by all means, boot Boris and his legitimate, weary, high-taxing Tories out in the next general election.

But let’s all admit one bright, shining truth. Boris, despite all his numerous and obvious mistakes, got Ukraine right.

And this barbaric war is the greatest problem of our time.

As the West faltered – as a weak US President drooled in January that the US could tolerate a “small incursion” by Russia into Ukraine, when Germany sent 3,000 crash helmets to Ukraine, but a billion euros a day to Russia for gloriously cheap Gasoline – Boris Johnson was the only Western leader who clearly saw Putin’s threat.

Putin is the first psychopath in human history to possess nuclear weapons.

We are now closer to World War III than at any time since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a crime against humanity that threatens world peace.

We play for the highest stakes imaginable – for Ukraine, for Europe and for humanity.

It took courage for Boris to walk the streets of Kyiv last weekend with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

Vladimir Putin would love it if Boris had to resign over a small fine


Vladimir Putin would love it if Boris had to resign over a small finePhoto credit: Getty

Yes, of course the chubby old ham loves a good photoshoot opportunity.

But Boris’ passion for Ukraine is real and genuine, and it has shamed the others into taking action – all those European nations so pathetically addicted to Russian gas, and the Biden government not fast enough from Afghanistan could escape.

Putin got exactly the opposite of what he wanted and expected.

NATO is energized, filled with new life, united as it has not been for years.

If Finland and Sweden take the plunge, NATO could even expand.

The European nations that built their economies on cheap Russian gas now understand that they are – quite literally – funding Russian war crimes.

And as the unimaginably horrifying stories emerge from Ukraine – the total destruction of peaceful cities, the systematic gang rapes by Russian soldiers, the mass graves of civilians shot in the back of the head, the half-burned naked bodies rotting by the roadside, the Russian marine who sexually abused a Ukrainian baby – cowardly neutrality is no longer an option.

And even if Boris Johnson was dancing the Lambada in Downing Street Rose Garden at the height of the lockdown, no one can deny that our Prime Minister has led the opposition to Putin and his morally bankrupt regime.

If Boris resigns based on what has been revealed about Partygate – and all that is yet to be disclosed – then the Western alliance will undoubtedly be weakened and Putin will undoubtedly be emboldened.

We can not permit that.

“Who will punish Vladimir Putin for being a naughty boy? Who will slap Xi Jinping on the wrist in Beijing for eating illegal cake?’

Putin is on the run and the war crimes of his drunken Red Army rabble shock the whole world.

The Ukrainian people light a torch for freedom that will burn forever. But that’s not a win yet.

On April, 24th Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other in the final vote of the French presidential elections.

A touch of pure hysteria

Perhaps you hate Macron for his petty nastiness towards the pro-Brexit Brits.

Maybe you hate the loudmouthed little monsieur for the way he smeared the Oxford/AstraZeneca hit for his own political gain.

i know i do But Marine Le Pen is no friend of Britain and no friend of Brexit and no friend of freedom.

However, she is a great friend of Putin. Mad Vlad even appeared in Le Pen’s election brochures.

Like all of Putin’s former groupies, Le Pen is retiring after opening up Ukraine’s mass graves.

But would she really be a trustworthy ally when the West is fighting for its life?

No – the election of Marine Le Pen would bring a Putin henchman to Paris.

Whatever you are told on Twitter, Boris Johnson’s resignation would be an act of national self-harm with global repercussions.

And — whatever you think of BoJo and how he’s carried his fun-loving crowd into office — there’s no denying that calls for his resignation are always tinged with a tinge of hysteria.

I suspect that in a secret chamber of his heart Union leader Sir Keir Starmer suspects he will never beat Boris Johnson in the voting booth at a general election – and that SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Ian Blackford, recognizes that the prospects for Scottish independence are increasing with each year Boris is in office remains, disappear .

No matter how many times Starmer and Blackford get on their hind legs and demand the Prime Minister’s P45, it is the British people who should decide Boris Johnson’s ultimate fate.

Unless he loses a no-confidence vote, which is unlikely, or calls snap elections, which is also unlikely, then under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, the next general election is formally scheduled for Thursday, May 2, 2024.

That fateful day will come soon enough. And as Joe Strummer of The Clash once said, the future is unwritten.

Boris Johnson’s fate should not be decided by those who have always hated him.

As Lord David Frost has argued, an international crisis – even one as big as Ukraine – does not give a government a blank check to do as it pleases at home.

But the fight against Putin is too historic to be undermined by petty partisan politics.

And when that general election comes around and we’re standing alone in the polling booth holding that pencil on a string, maybe we’ll come to the conclusion that one term for Boris Johnson was more than enough.

I can imagine being in that voting booth and having my doubts about giving Boris a second term.

It’s even easier for me to imagine staying at home in the next general election.

They add up everything – historically high taxes, a cost of living crisis and all that Tory smut, from Dominic Cummings testing his eyesight at the wheel of his car to Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s wandering hands – and the sum could cost Boris his job.

Polish its green halo

But when the PM eventually leaves, it’s not because he ate cake on his birthday two months after he nearly died, or because that’s what a plump guy in the SNP wants.

If I stay at home at the next general election, it will be because of all the wantonly broken Brexit promises – like the one Michael Gove and Johnson made in this newspaper about reducing VAT on energy bills when we were outside the EU, a promise that was broken so Boris could polish his green halo.

If I stay home on election day, it’s because these Tories are weighing us to the bone in a way no government has done since World War II.

And next time I skip the vote it will be because the Tories are clinging to fanatical green policies that will soon mean only the rich can drive a car, heat their home and not worry about utility bills.

I would never vote for Labor because I could never trust a Labor government with my wallet.

But I can imagine thinking that Boris and his titled Tory toffes are completely out of touch with the day-to-day concerns of the British people, who will have been through some rough, rough times by the next general election.

Boris and this government have developed a narrative that is both obnoxiously titled – the rules are for the little people – and completely deaf.

So, yes, I can see Boris being ousted from office. But right now we have a war to win.

Right now the free world is fighting for its survival.

That’s why I wouldn’t call Partygate a topic of resignation.

An uneaten cake? A pack of warm beer? Nine minutes and then early in the night?

Honestly, I wouldn’t even call it a party.

French candidate Marine Le Pen is allied with Putin and no friend of Britain


French candidate Marine Le Pen is allied with Putin and no friend of BritainCredit: AP
A protester is dragged to the ground at Le Pen's press conference as the French election campaign begins


A protester is dragged to the ground at Le Pen’s press conference as the French election campaign beginsPhoto credit: sky Throwing Boris out of Partygate would be a victory for Putin


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