Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started No One Saved The World

No one saves the world It looks like a fairly simple dungeon crawler on the surface, but it has some surprising twists, turns, and challenges ahead for you.

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While things start out pretty simple, after a few hours things get much more complicated and the possibilities of your form and form will be massively opened up. Halfway through, you’ll level up enough to find things a lot easier, but those first few hours can be a bit daunting. Here are some early game tips to help keep things from getting too difficult.

Always aim for at least one mission


Progression in Nobody Saves The World is based entirely on completing quests, essentially challenges, for each form. Although some of the challenges are just completing quests, most of them task the player to defeat enemies with specific moves, or apply passive abilities to a form and damage enemies in a certain way.

Completing these missions will upgrade your forms, making them stronger and giving them more moves, but it will also reward you with XP to increase your level and overall stats. Of course, you’ll also get than challenges to complete the ones you have. This means that when playing, you should always aim to complete at least one or two challenges per form, varying your playstyle to accommodate whatever the game asks you to do.

Use forms you don’t like


Sorry Tortoise – this one is aimed at you. Nobody Saves the World there are so many different forms to choose from and some of them you will actually click on. Great as it is to pick favorites, you will want to switch to less interesting ones and keep them alternating.

Besides giving you more challenges to complete and level up, you’ll also unlock new abilities that can be given to other forms, or keep the form you don’t like and have the ability to make. it’s more about your style of play. You will also need to get the forms to a certain level to unlock the forms on the form tree. After every boring Ghost form, there’s a Necromancer at last.

Buy the infinite quest as soon as possible


As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a merchant who can sell you items like new passive abilities, stars, and more. One of the best you can buy from a vendor is Infinite Quest.

The name tell everythings, these quests never run out and can be completed for XP multiple times. Each can give you 75 – 100 XP and all of them will be things you will do in the game, such as gathering health, killing enemies, and completing dungeons. Remember to check the store often and buy them as soon as they appear.

Put money on attacks and strengthen defense


Speaking of vendors, one of the best things it sells is stat boosts. There are four in total, two for attack and defense, and two more for attack and magic defense. Overall, they are relatively cheap and well worth the purchase.

While there are some nice passive abilities, the ones you get from the forms are much better and it makes more sense to spend the money you collect on permanent stats rather than the ones passive that you may not use or enjoy.

Talk about the things you don’t want…

Do not buy stars from suppliers


As we said above, the vendor sells some pretty useful items that can make running a lot easier, but the stars are not one of them. Stars are important in Nobody Saves The World and are used to unlock the main dungeons.

With that in mind, you might think buying Stars is a good idea. It is not, and is a huge waste of money. You will naturally get stars from leveling up forms and completing quests and there will be more than enough if you just play the game without crushing.

Explore the underworld as soon as possible


This may sound like an obvious trick, but considering Nobody’s focus is on getting from dungeon to dungeon, you might not think exploring the world is so important. You are wrong.

Exploring the underworld is more than just escaping the fog map, but you’ll also find brand new demihumans scattered around, opening side quests and Open routes to get around the map easier. Believe me, you will feel extremely trapped until you start to explore and open those portals.

Some forms have transmission skills


What’s not so obvious at first when using forms is that some of them have unique delivery skills. Mermaids, Turtles, and Ghosts can all cross water, while Rat has the unique ability to traverse alleyways and cracks in the environment.

Even when it comes to unconventional move skills, it’s important that you have some form in your wheel that has a slightly higher movement speed. Ranger, Horse, and Monk are good choices for this, as they are usually a bit faster than the rest of the cast..

Zodiacs are the key to fighting


One of the key points to No One Saves the World’s fight is the ward system. Glasses are basically shields for enemies that require a specific type of damage to break and can deal damage. Certain dungeons will have specific wards, and you’ll be warned what’s coming before you enter.

While this may seem limited at first, it is actually a very open system thanks to the way the form possibilities are interchangeable. Each form will also deal a unique type of damage with their standard move, This will affect the form you take in the dungeon. Your best bet is to have a few forms with multiple damage types, or stick with one that has abilities from a variety of forms to cover a wide range of ward types.

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