Things we wish we knew before unleashing rage

If you are a gamer love roguelike game, then it’s likely that you’ll want Fury Unleashed one attempt at a time. The game is a fast-paced and combo-oriented adventure that sees you fight your way through different comic pages to right up against your author.

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The game allows you to overcome its difficulty levels on your own or with the help of friends. No matter how you choose to play, everyone will find themselves trying to get the best weapon and be as powerful as possible. It may take more than a few tries to get it over with, but these tips will help you along the way.

The Ink Master is your best friend

Fury Unleashed pistol selection menu

Fury Unleashed can be an extremely difficult game for those who may not be regularly exposed to roguelike games. One of the best ways to make the game easier is to get started active weapon good with your playing style.

You’ll be able to find sketches throughout the different levels of Fury Unleashed. You can then take those sketches to one of the level’s Ink Masters to unlock different weapons to help you through the game.

Your goal should be the way out

furiously release sticky bombs used in battle against enemies

While it’s important to explore different comic book worlds, such exploration can also lead to untimely death. One of the best ways to learn about what the game has to offer is to focus on learning the basics while being exposed to the game as much as possible.

You’ll die multiple times while making your way through Fury Unleashed, so getting to know the enemies you might encounter early on can help you learn their attack patterns and attack patterns much faster.

Use different weapons for different situations

Fury Unleashed Weapon Selection with three different weapons on a blue background

While you can easily redeem your favorite weapon, not all weapons are created equal for every situation. Game Features Many unique rooms, hazards and enemies can be better dealt with using a different weapon.

There may be cases where you find that a shotgun works well, while in other cases you’re more concerned with solving your problems with the rocket launcher. Whatever weapon you prefer, there are plenty to choose from.

Only take risks when you feel comfortable

Fury Unleashed Rocket Launcher is used against a large alien in battle

Everyone knows that most roguelikes reward players who are willing to take some serious risks. Many people will take risks too early in their time with the game and end up dying much earlier than they can afford.

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The best time to take a big risk is when you are both confident that you can avoid possible negative outcomes, and if for some reason you can’t, the negative outcome will doesn’t affect you too much. With that said, risk can certainly lead to some great rewards.

First focus on the center of the skill tree

Fury's Launched Weapon Tips Page in the loading screen

Game features good skill tree can be pretty much redone whenever you want. If you’re focused on staying alive, your best bet is to land in the center of the tree early in your time with Fury Unleashed.

Being able to survive when the going gets tough is important, especially if you’re new to a game like this. It’s challenging and you often feel like you don’t have enough energy to keep going, so put those points in the center.

You don’t have to fight everything

Fury Unleashed Acid throw is used against enemies

You can make the mistake of trying to take out every single enemy you encounter in Fury Unleashed, but it can be a big mistake. There’s no shame in avoiding enemies that cause you more trouble to find rooms that are easier to deal with.

A bad room set up with some tough enemies can cause problems for any player. If you are in low health and want to avoid a potential death, the coward’s way is really the best way, so run away!

If you want to grind, put points to the left of the skill tree

The level of the Nazi battle has not been liberated

Most of the roguelikes are coming with some form of grinding. Fury Unleashed sees you grinding for ink, and the best way to do that is to make sure that many points have been put into the left side of the skill tree.

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Whether you feel the need to sharpen or not, there’s no shame in speeding up ink collection from enemies. Being able to turn yourself into a walking squid-collector will only get you through the game much faster.

You should focus on going to sleep

Fury unleashes the ice gun used in battle against an alien lifeform

While every player wants to deal as much damage as possible and kill as many enemies as possible to increase their combo, it can be a surefire way to take a lot of damage. Need to focus on avoiding damage, especially early in your time with the game.

Focusing on dodging enemy bullets will help you learn how they behave and attack. Being able to predict what your enemies will do will help keep you healthier on later runs. When you’re looking to make your way through the game in one sitting, being aware of enemies is of utmost importance.

The combo system could become the most important game mechanic

Fury Unleashed Soul Gun is used against a god-like Boss in battle

Have a lot of of potential sides get the highest possible combination in Fury Unleashed. There are also some obvious bonuses that come with getting high combos. You can get some extra experience which can be extremely important to get through the game.

One of the less talked about, but still extremely important bonuses that can come from the matching system is the promise of free hits. All you have to do is kill a few enemies without dealing damage and you can stack additional free hits.

Game difficulty switch

Fury Unleashed splits with four of the game's bosses

Everyone knows that roguelikes is a hard game on purpose. Fans of the genre love having to try, try, and try again when it comes to getting through a game like Fury Unleashed. The game is actually a lot harder than it might initially appear.

Enemies can chew through your health bar for a few seconds if you find yourself unprepared for a tough room. There’s never any shame in setting the difficulty down to a few aspects, especially when you’re starting out with the game.

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