Things we wish we knew before starting Baby Storm

While the title makes it sound like a shocking spin on Sharknado, Baby Storm is a cute and whimsical animated game about a hoard of babies and toddlers that must be controlled. You and your accompanying teammates, if available, will act as teachers and support staff keeping these children alive in the nursery/pre-k environment.

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Chances are, if you’ve looked at the screenshots or the game, you’ve made some pretty quick decisions about Baby Storm. Regardless of your reasons, if you think you’re going to love it or hate it, you’re definitely misjudging a book (or game, in this case) by its cover. Here’s what you need to know.

You need to prioritize different kids

Baby Storm Gamplay Babies are running

As a parent or teacher, you should never have a favorite child. Playing favorite games will get you and your baby nowhere, unless you’re playing Baby Storm. Here you will certainly want to rank the needs of infants from most urgent to most insignificant.

At the start of each new level, take a quick scan of the children you care for and decide who has the highest priority needs. Repeat this several times as the level increases as the demand will change continuously. Sometimes a child is crying because they want a toy, other times they need a diaper change; Just because a baby cries louder doesn’t mean their needs are more than just wants.

It’s a Cooperation So Cooperation

Baby Storm multi room game

Treat Baby Storm the way you would any multiplayer game that pits you against others – just because they’re adorable babies doesn’t mean they’re not your team’s enemies. It’s you and your team against the kids, so choose your battles and play to each other’s strengths.

For example, ask someone to cover for a nap, someone else to prepare the food, someone might do the cleaning. Whichever way you split the task, make sure everyone is pulling their own weight and that no baby is slipping through the cracks. The levels just get harder, and the kids get harder as you play. You can have up to four players in the game, so choose your team wisely.

There are no templates available

Baby Storm Level Open Floor

You will waste time, life and energy trying to find patterns in the game. Baby Storm has a lot of varied actions and the needs of the kids always change in order and difficulty, so don’t worry about repetition.

While the lack of templates will make it harder to beat, it also means you’ll never get bored with Baby Storm. This is not a game you can play mechanically; so don’t even think about trying speed run. Children – virtual or not – are unpredictable and chaotic, and Baby Storm captures that perfectly.

This is so cute, but not so simple

Baby Storm Boat Game

If you have played a Rabbids In previous games, you understood exactly how cute the characters were without in any way hinting at the ease of the game. Baby Storm is the same way, and since it’s a co-op game, you may never play the exact same game twice.

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On top of that, there are more levels than you might expect – over a dozen, with more you can unlock – and boss-level tough babies with the necessary tasks to take care of them. You will have planks that you feel extremely frustrated with, but that makes it all the more enjoyable and satisfying when you’re done with it.

It’s also a sci-fi adventure

Baby storm level game

Not only do you get to travel to various recognizable locations around the world in Baby Storm, but you also get to time travel. If the idea of ​​different cultures and times doesn’t catch your attention, you’ll also come across children whose strengths and abilities are out of this world than to cry and need their diapers changed. they.

The more you play, the more creative levels you will unlock and the harder it will be for babies to stay calm, collected and collected.

This is not a game for young children

baby storm outside playing

Despite the ratings, don’t be fooled by the graphics and settings into thinking this is a game for your sister– unless your sister is a game champion. Baby Storm is recommended for those aged ten and up due to its raw humor, but beyond that, it requires some high skill set required to complete all missions.

The complexity of multitasking in Baby Storm is there with Overdo! While you can play with three others, that doesn’t mean the game gets easy, it just becomes easier managing everything at once.

It’s a party game

storm floor for kids

If you and the team played Mario Kart every time you see each other, get ready to add Baby Storm to the list. What these games have in common is laughter, tension and friendly teasing, you’ll forget the time you were trying to match the right toy to the right baby.

If you’ve made the mistake of judging this game by its cover or screenshots, give it a second chance. Once you play it, you may find it really a fun challenge to do with your friends or family at your next get-together.

Thank a teacher

Baby Storm Options Menu

This in no way compares to real kids, although after taking care of virtual kids you may find yourself apologizing to your mom in your two to 18 years, or testing yourself on your teacher. school staff a little more – especially if they happen to be working with children of elementary school age and younger.

On the other hand, if you’re a parent or teacher looking to impress anyone with your gaming skills, you’ve got a spot with Baby Storm and your natural ability to care about others. will be tested to the end.

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