Things people missed in Firewatch

Originally released in 2016, Firewatch has withstood the test of time and remains one of the strongest entries in the Walking Simulator genre. With a story about people who seem to be running from something, Firewatch is a compelling, poignant story about confronting yourself or maybe it’s a story about avoiding that confrontation at all costs. .

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Firewatch is also a game that has many interesting sights to see, and many of them are not in obvious places. Unless you try to search the map, you will probably miss some of these exciting moments. Some of them even offer a little insight into the many mysteries surrounding Shoshone National Park.

9 Forrest 64

Firewatch: Henry holds the Forrest 64 Cart

If you haven’t played the Switch version of Firewatch you’ll never have a chance to stumble across this one. However, there is a hidden platformer in Firewatch called Forrest 64. It’s not a particularly intensive game, but it is a fun little game.

Given the Firewatch timeline and the fact that you play the game on a console carved out of stone, it’s hard to imagine that Forrest 64 exists in this world that is canon. Still, it’s at least an interesting curiosity.


8 Racoon encounters the third type

Firewatch: A raccoon jumps at a scared Henry

Chances are you’ve encountered the raccoon that Delilah was scared to run away in the forest. What you might have missed, though, is a raccoon (we’d like to believe it’s a lookalike) that can then return the favor.

This involved finding an old burned-out log cabin, perilously perched on the edge of a cliff, and opening the furnace door. If you do this at the right time, you will be greeted by this charming, hairy monster. This is just another example of all the fun little interactions that go into this game that is not only impossible to ignore, but hard to find in the first place.


6 Connect Gone Home

Firewatch: Henry holding a copy of The Accidental Savior

There are a few nods to other games in Firewatch. You can find a shirt from Eastern Colorado University, a fictional institution that exists in Our Last One series. In addition, the Mark of the Word Hunter Bloodborne carved into a tree. However, having a copy of The Accidental Savior in Firewatch feels like a more substantial connection to Came home than other Easter eggs. Fortifying this link, the Gone Home developers will then patch a Firewatch reference to their game’s console port.

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For those who haven’t played Gone Home, the protagonist’s father, Terrence L. Greenbriar, wrote The Accidental Savior. Several copies can be found around the Gone Home house (all of which have the same cover as the one found in the Firewatch). Maybe the book is just a loving tribute to one of the giants of the walking simulator, but it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration to say that two games can exist in the same world. This won’t really affect anything in either game, but it To be succinct.

5 Turt Reynolds

Henry from Firewatch holding his pet turtle

Life in the observation tower can be lonely, but you don’t have to be alone. One thing that many players have missed is that you can find an adorable little turtle. You can optionally name it Turt Reynolds or Shelly Duvall and of course, finding a turtle opens up a dialogue with Delilah.


3 Ol’ Shoshone

Firewatch: Henry holds a cassette with the song Ol'Shoshone

You can find a hidden, secret area where there are some old lawn chairs and a cassette. There you can get a tape featuring a performance of the song “Ol ‘Shoshone” sung by Ron, a former fire keeper who moved to Alaska. Traces is a beautiful little sound number that can stay in your head. If you don’t want to replay the game, the track is on Spotify,

Some of the lyrics also resonate. One great thing is that when the song deals with how “…I can be me in Ol’ Shoshone”, which is interesting, as a central theme in the show. FirewatchThe backstory of the story is that many of the custodians of these watchtowers end up facing their own setbacks.

2 No, I’m fine, where am I?

Firewatch, showing a rescue helicopter taking you out of Shoshone National Park

While only a real ending, you can shuffle a bit, if you so choose. Instead of getting on a helicopter, you can approach it and then come back. If you do, the helicopter will eventually leave without you.

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If you do this, you get no further dialogue, you’re not awarded the title, the credits simply roll and you’re left with the grim consequences of Henry refusing to board the helicopter and replacing it. choose to stay in a wooded area engulfed in flames.

first Wapiti Station Conspiracy Explained

Firewatch: A dead elk tagged by the team at Wapiti Station

Sure they claimed to be spying on Elk, but it turned out they were actually track… elk. Like the post on the board at the beginning of the game would suggest. It turns out that sometimes things are just as they appear.

You can find dead elk carcasses with a track color on it with an ID number. This is why you shouldn’t burn random research facilities.

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