There’s even a spell Collect Wordle right now

Wordle took the world by storm. The word guessing game was made for creator Josh Wardle and his partner to enjoy, before adding the ability to share your results on social media turned it into a huge success. Now there are all kinds Replication and parody, it was referenced on Saturday Night Live, and even Google changes its icon when you search for it.

With it being so popular, it’s only a matter of time before someone creates a test version Collecting Magic knowledge. Enter Moxle.

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Moxle is a Wordle like created by MTG deck Moxfield website, and it follows the same basic idea as Wordle. Each day, you have six attempts to guess a five-letter name, and each guess will mark the letters in the word but in the wrong place in yellow and the letters in the right in purple.

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This version uses the Scryfall API, which means the name can be anything in Magic with a total of five letters. Part names don’t count (so even though Kwain has five letters, Kwain, Itinerant Meddler don’t), but cards, tokens, symbols, planes, plans, and any other game parts are. fair game. They also don’t have to be a single word. The example Moxle gave is the Innistrad: Crimson Vow . card Dig up could be an answer, since DIGUP is five letters.

There are still some quirks – the Moxfield developers freely admit on Twitter that they haven’t been on the Wordle train for as long as some of us – but it’s a pretty impressive diversion. There are only a handful of Magic cards with a total of five letters, but a lot of them are obscure cards from decades ago like Camel or Lance.

Wordle’s hype was so great that even older games with the same name were affected by it. ONE Wordle is much older saw about 200,000 downloads in a week, prompting its developer to partner with Josh Wardle to donate profits to Boost! West Oakland, a charity that provides “free tutoring and mentoring” to children in Oakland, California.

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