There are 12 black dots in this optical illusion but you can’t see them all at once

THIS mind-bending optical illusion is sure to hurt your eyes and brain – can you see all the dots at once?

The strange visual puzzle is bewildering everyone’s brain as it goes viral on social networking sites again.

Can you see all 12 dots at once?


Can you see all 12 dots at once?Credit: Twitter / @wkerslake

The image shows an image of straight and diagonal lines connecting and intersecting each other.

Where the lines meet, there is a black dot showing a total of 12.

However, due to an optical illusion, the viewer cannot see all 12 at the same time.

And the bizarre image has turned some people’s minds to jelly just trying to notice it.

One person commented on Reddit wrote: “Haha, nice. I think I’ve managed to see two people at once. “

Another said: “Okay, now I’m just getting started.”

A third stated: “I don’t understand. I see them all at once.”

Derek Arnold, a vision expert at the University of Queensland, says the puzzle can be startling.

“They think: ‘It’s an existential crisis,'” he told The Verge.

“‘How can I know what the truth is?'”

Illusions occur when the brain guesses what is happening in the image when you are only staring at part of it.

The dots are placed at the intersection of some gray lines. When the eye sees this intersection in its peripheral vision, the illusion of a small, faint square is created.

Arnold added: “That could counteract the matte black dot that is actually there.

Optical illusions were first posted to Facebook by Japanese psychology professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka a few years ago and are based on a similar puzzle from an academic paper published in the journal Perception in 2000.

Last month, Adeline, who shares “surprising, unusual, and weird art” on her Tiktok page, shared an optical illusion, seriously confusing her followers.

The video shows what appears to be a drawing of a corridor – but when Adeline moves the camera around, it looks like the drawing is sinking into the board below it.

It looks like the art lover has managed to create a magical 3D corridor through the surface below – and no one knows how that could happen.

However, at the end of the video, Adeline shows that – instead of the drawing sinking into the table below, it’s actually a 3D structure. outside of the table.


This phenomenon is known as “reverse viewing,” she said.

Again mind-bending optical illusions The internet had a hard time in April of this year because it showed viewers a shade of blue you’ve never seen before.

The illusion works by using a large red circle and a small white dot to trick your mind into thinking it’s seeing a cyan color it doesn’t recognize.

To see color, you need to stare at the white dot in the center of the circle for 30 seconds.

Then you should close your eyes and when you open them you should see a glowing orb “true cyan”.

Talking to IFLScience, ophthalmologist Ajay Kuriyan, explains: “If you stare at a color for a while, the cones that react to that color become refractory for a short time, so the cells are other colored cones are excited.

“This is the principle that leads to afterimages.”

The phenomenon known as'reverse angle of view'


The phenomenon known as ‘reverse angle of view’Credit: TikTok / @ mysweetadeline
This optical illusion will show you a blue color you've never seen before


This optical illusion will show you a blue color you’ve never seen beforeCredit: YouTube
Instagram users baffled by ‘creepy’ optical illusion that makes ‘any object’ disappear There are 12 black dots in this optical illusion but you can’t see them all at once


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