The world’s smallest countries

So many countries are within the seven continents such that you may never have heard of most. Some of the countries are so small that they offer citizenship to anyone that can pay a huge investment. Hence, before looking for maszyny na pieniądze, you might want to think again.

Most people assume that a high population and landmass is necessary before a place can be called a country. Here are some countries that dispute that myth and some of them you have certainly heard of.

San Marino: Having the record as the world’s oldest republic, this is one of the smallest countries in the world. To be clear, this is a microstate with over 33,000 in population and a standard of living comparable with developed European countries. San Marino was founded as far back as 300CE by a stonemason named Saint Marinus. 

If you are looking for a country within another, it is one of the three countries in the world with this qualification. Aside from San Marino, the other two countries are Lesotho and Vatican City. Hence, if you are looking for a vacation spot in a developed country with a lower population, check it out.

Nauru: Previously known as Pleasant Island, Nauru has a land area of 21 sq. km. Due to the difficulty in reaching this island, it is regarded as the least visited in the world. For a country that was once ranked as the second highest in the 1970s, Nauru now has the second lowest. Due to its economic depression, the country relies on Australia for financial assistance.

Monaco: Monaco is the second smallest country in the world with a population slightly above 38, 000 but an area of 2.1 sq. km. Founded in 1927 by François Grimaldi, the country has had leadership from the family. 

Interestingly, Monaco is among the only countries in the world to have 0% poverty and unemployment rate. With this wealthy population comes an expensive taste making things in the country expensive. The official language is French.

Vatican City: This is one of the most common countries in this least as it is the least populated. Known as the location of the primal Catholic Church, it is overseen by the pope. Vatican City has a population of about 800 and a land area of less than 1km. Italian is the official language as the country was cut from Italy and has its traces back to the era of Saint Peter.

As one of the most visited places in the world, the tourism revenue of this country can maintain its economic need. Also, the Vatican City is not affiliated with the United Nations and is heralded as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tuvalu: If you are looking to enjoy a calm environment that puts you between Hawaii and Australia, try Tuvalu. As an Island country, it is one of the most visited countries as a tourist attraction having over 2000 annual visitors. It is made up of nine islands and is currently known as Tuvalu, a change from Ellice Island. 

Most of the country’s land mass is mildly above sea level and stands a risk of being submerged in case of any water disaster. However, in the case of any hazard, arrangements have been made to move the citizens to neighbouring countries.

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