The Witcher’s Conjunction of the Spheres and the Multiverse, Explained

The world of The Witcher, set primarily on a continent known simply as the Continent, full of magic and monsters – but it doesn’t start that way. It was recognized for an event long ago, a cataclysm, commonly known as the Combination of Orbs.

This concept is covered a lot in the series, especially in the final episodes of season 2. The branches of Conjunction are present in every corner of the world and will form the basis of the sequel to the show, The Witcher: Blood Origin. But it’s rarely explained in depth in Netflix shows, so here’s what you need to know about Conjugation of Orbs The Witcher season 2.

What is the alignment of the spheres?

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This event can only be vaguely understood by characters from the world of The Witcher. But the common belief holds that that is when all the worlds (other realms of existence) collide. and with them the monsters and other creatures that had strayed into the world. It’s also how magic – aka “chaos” – exists, giving humans the power to become magicians. If there is no link, The Witcher could be a much more mundane world. The slow revelation that the Witcher is a fantasy story about the division of journeys between dimensions is an interesting one.

It was this line of monsters that ultimately led to the creation of witches, and was certainly the catalyst for much of the story. (Without it, where would we get the fix for handsome monster slayers?) Each of these strange creatures has been trapped in a world not of their own. Some, such as unicorns, can even move between dimensions at will.

But while the existence of the Conjunction is something everyone agrees on, the events surrounding it remain shrouded in mystery. No one knows if humans came to the Continent from another part of the world, or if they were brought into the world by the Link of Orbs.

The Witcher’s Last Novel, Lady of the Lake, suggests that people flee from a world in which they have been destroyed; due to their destructive nature, it’s not hard to imagine. The Elves, or Aen Seidhe, also seem to have passed through the Conjunction, and pre-existing civilization the oldest man-made buildings and cities. The dwarves and giants of the Continent seem to eat both themselves and humans.

Why is the alignment of the spheres important

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“Wonderland” from hundreds of years ago is not only the basis for The Witcher spin-offs in the works, Origin of blood. While some entities slipped into the universe of the Continent, some ventured into others. Some elves, Aen Elle, have left their world for a place where they can be independent and unyielding. Aen Elle sees them as the true last bastion of their culture, untouched by human cruelty. They were able to move freely between worlds before the cosmic shift of the Conjunction, but then they were isolated in one place.

But they still have some power. It is from these elves and their world that the Wild Hunt originates, appearing on the Continent as rages and ghosts, abducting humans to serve them while seeking to allow their people to They move in bulk between the universes.

Traces of the Conjunction exist in the world of the Netflix show as monolithic, impenetrable blackstone structures believed to be energy conduits that open their worlds to others. The sorcerer Istredd has made them the focus of his research, going so far as to serve under Nilfgaard to access them, but even he seems to barely understand their full significance.

Istredd’s quest for knowledge yields some answers in The Witcherseason two, will explore more about how monoliths work and what it means for the fate of the Continent. Above all, it focuses on Ciri’s connection to them and what kind of power she might have within her.

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