The Witcher 3 mod causes Geralt’s medallion to react to in-game monsters

A Witcher 3 modder has created an “Active Medallion” mod that makes Geralt’s Witcher medallion rumble and glow when he clashes with monsters and spells.

Witcher 3 is often considered to be one of the most detailed and insightful games of the last few console generations, and that’s a point that’s hard to argue with. When it comes to details, there’s no better example than everyone’s favorite nagging Witcher, Geralt, who clearly spent a lot of time making him as real as possible. Just look at how his hair can grow!

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Want more detailed Geralt? Yes, thank you Active Medallion mod on Nexus Mods from plasticmetal, now you can do it. One of the most iconic elements of the Witcher is their medallion, which vibrates and glows in the presence of magic. While it only does that in the first and second games, it has a much less prominent role in The Wild Hunt and only does so in certain cutscenes.


The mod from plasticmetal fixed that, making the medallion vibrate and glow when near Monsters, Places of Power, witches, and the Fyke Island lamp clues. It will also disable when a monster is defeated, or if Geralt is inside a dimeritium cloud bomb (which normally disables magic). Not only that, but Geralt will also comment on the medal shake from time to time.

Regarding the mod, plasticmetal said, “The medal will emit a small pulse of ultrasonic waves and the eyes will light up when near a magic source, and the eyes will return to the vanilla medallion when no magic has been detected. The change of the medal’s appearance can be blocked in the mod settings (mainly for book medal users) Geralt was also able to comment that he perceives the medal action in some way. Activating the medal can also trigger controller vibration, screen vibration and sound effects”.

To access the mod you also need to download Mod “The Wolf Medallion”, which allows the medallion to have its eyes glow red in the first place. The Active Medallion mod will also add a “Hearing Witcher” mod which, when activated, will activate Witcher sense when near a pulse.

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