The Wildest NBA Predictions: Too Good to Be True or Totally Plausible?

The NBA is no stranger to the unpredictability of basketball. Tracy McGrady once brought a win for the Houston Rockets when they were down 13 with just 33 seconds left. The Cleveland Cavaliers, with Lebron and Kyrie, came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors to win their first-ever title.

Now that the playoffs are coming soon, let’s take a look at some of the wildest predictions and see if they’re too good to be true or have some merit to them:

The Phoenix Suns Will Avenge Their Championship Loss From Last Season

Verdict: Totally Plausible

Last season, the Suns blew a 2-0 lead and lost the Finals to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. That Finals appearance was the first for Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and the whole Phoenix Suns franchise. To have won it on their first try was indeed a story-book ending for them.

This season, Devin Booker is performing as his usual all-star self, Chris Paul is still the reliable veteran, and Deandre Ayton is shaping up to be the best pick and roll option in the NBA. If you want to win on your NBA betting lines, choose the Suns. They’re currently the number one team in the West. Clearly, the Phoenix Suns have moved on and are looking to avenge their Finals loss. The Suns are the top team in the Western Conference as of this writing.

The Lakers Will Make the Playoffs

Verdict: Not even close

Currently sitting at the 9th spot in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking really bad. With the trio of Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis, no one ever saw what unfolded this season. Becoming the laughing stock of the NBA, lousy team chemistry, injuries, inconsistencies, and an invisible bench are just a few problems the Lakers face.

Lakers fans recently booed their own team in a blowout loss against the New Orleans Pelicans. Even if you’re a Lakers diehard fan, you have to agree that something isn’t right with the team this year. A rebuild is definitely on the way, and Russell Westbrook WILL NOT BE STAYING WITH THE LAKERS NEXT SEASON.

Sorry to disappoint you, Lakers fans; even if the team makes it into the play-ins, they’ll surely struggle and end up blowing a chance to even get into the playoffs. Lebron James and Anthony Davis are arguably still the “best players” in the league, but as it stands right now, getting to the playoffs should be a plan for the next season.

The Chicago Bulls Are Going to the NBA Finals

Verdict: Tough, not Impossible

Call it a long shot, call it a fluke, call it whatever you want; the Chicago Bulls are going back to the finals for the first time since the Jordan era. DeMar DeRozan is playing an MVP season and breaking NBA records like they were nothing. Zach Lavine is also playing great and providing consistent all-star numbers for the Bulls.

The Bulls’ lineup is also looking scary with players like Lonzo Ball, former all-star Nikola Vucevic, and 2020 NBA champion Alex Caruso. If they continue their stellar play, the Bulls could end up winning it all. They’re currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference, and the only way for the Chicago Bulls to go is up.

Harden is Home in Philly

Verdict: True

After getting out of a disastrous Brooklyn Nets campaign, James Harden is back and happy with the Philadelphia 76ers. Paired up with the best big man in the league, Joel Embiid, the Sixers are looking extremely good. Even if they don’t win a championship this year, the 76ers are a dynasty-in-the-making with Harden and Embiid.

In his first game with the Sixers, James Harden almost logged a triple-double with 27 points, 12 assists, and 8 rebounds. Embiid scored 34 points and got 10 rebounds like the all-star he is. Adding another star to the mix could potentially ruin the chemistry in Philly. Harden and Embiid don’t need another star to share the floor as they’ll be one of the best one-two punches in the NBA since Kobe and Shaq.

Kyrie Gets Vaxxed

Verdict: Not Happening

Due to New York’s vaccine mandate, Kyrie Irving will not play home games for the Brooklyn Nets. Even if Kevin Durant is injured, even if the team’s season is on the line, even if he’s injured, Kyrie Irving is adamant about not getting that shot.

The Brooklyn Nets are losing and slipping fast in the Eastern Conference. They’re 9th overall, and now with the season ending soon, every game counts. Even if the vaccine mandate is lifted, the private sector’s ruling will still prevent him from playing home games. Though he may be allowed to play soon, Kyrie is rooted in his belief that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t just for him.


If we’d list down all the wildest predictions that will happen in the NBA, we’ll run out of space. The five mentioned above are some of the wildest predictions you’ll hear this season. Remember, basketball is full of uncertainties. The NBA is no exception and is one of the most unpredictable leagues today.

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