The Walking Dead synopsis: Season 11, Episode 9 – [Spoiler] Died

Zombie not only did it return on Sunday with the premiere of the second of the last three seasons of the final season, it has arrived roar return with an episode full of action, brutality, emotion and, more than once, extreme shock. Read on, and we’ll go over the highlights.

‘END IT, S — TD — K’ | When “There’s No Other Way” began, the Reapers’ hwacha blasted walkers to the right and left like filled water balloons. However, Maggie, Negan, and Elijah were able to sneak inside, perform a Supermarket Sweeping Infirmary to treat Elijah’s injuries, and hide from Carver in a secret room. (What? Don’t all dispensaries have those?) The next morning, while Gabriel was hiding outside, Daryl attacked Austin before he could fire a single shot at the preacher, killing him. Reaper and evade Leah by hiding behind a blackboard in a preschool classroom. (What? Not all preschool classes have… Oh. Wait. They really do. Continue…) On his way to the Reapers chapel, Gabriel was challenged by the bad guy’s priest to join him. Join him in taking the first step down the road to peace. “Nobody,” he said, “is more frugal.” Well, except for all the people the Reapers slaughtered. That being the case, Gabriel replied, “I don’t believe it” and stabbed him in cold blood.

Meanwhile, Carver chases Maggie into a dead end. “Sorry,” he scoffed. “Wrong turn.” Oh, but it was – for he. Elijah shows up and says basically, “Hi, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die,” only it was his sister Josephine who was killed. Suddenly, Negan also appeared. You would have thought that Carver was strong and really good at the time, but he fought with the strength of a madman. If it weren’t for Negan’s support from Elijah, a handful of sand (chalk?) and a bell (WTH?), Carver might have really defeated all three of them. Just before Maggie can leave him for Elijah’s sake, Daryl appears and convinces the group to use Carver as a hostage to get them some food and a way out of Meridian alive. Unfortunately, at their rendezvous with Leah and the two Reapers, she overtakes her ex by placing sniper Jensen close enough to take out any of them in just a second. She didn’t expect that there was a double-double-cross afoot!

season 11 synopsis of walking dead season 11 episode 9 alden die‘NOPE, NO JENSEN HERE’ | After Daryl & Co. forced to untie Carver, Elijah hobbled toward him, weapon raised and cried, “For Josephine”… only to collapse into a pile. Unmoved, his intended victim kicked Elijah and – oh! – was shot in the leg. It was only when Leah phoned Jensen to ask the WTF that we learned that Gabriel killed him and took his place. (Is there a better Gabriel than the cold evil Gabriel?) Suddenly, Leah was like, “Think about it, you can have whatever you want, Daryl, just let us go.” Rather than risk any of his men being killed before the smoke clears, Daryl agrees. Oh, but Carver couldn’t go with them, Maggie noted. “Whatevs, it’s not that big,” Leah might as well have said. Never mind that he is her favorite, she and her minions are watching on the road. At that time – holy crap! – Maggie chased after them and shot them right in the back! She then goes back to Carver and runs out of ammo, shoving Elijah’s weapon into the villain’s chest!

Chasing Leah, who was only winged by Maggie, Daryl scolds her for blowing away the second chance they both could have. However, he doesn’t finish her off, he tells her to “go before I change my mind.” Later, as the group packed up to return to Alexandria with loads of goodies, Dog unexpectedly returned among them. (Where has he been? Who knows? We might have to consider ourselves lucky that Leah never threatened him to come see Daryl.) Maggie will catch up with her crew, Ms. speak. Before she can, she wants to go get Alden from the abandoned church where she… eh. In a particularly heartbreaking moment, she discovers that he is dead and is back (apparently a victim of other zombies are staggered around). After she buried him, Negan approached, ominous musical cues suggesting he meant to harm her. His dialogue also alludes to murder in his mind. He knows that her promise not to kill him means squatting, especially after she sees her gun take down after the Reapers trade. “So I won’t give you a chance to do that [to me]. “However, not by killing her; he will go his own way. (Perhaps the Negan commercial forerunner Jeffrey Dean Morgan told TVLine he would be happy to do it? Read all about it here.)

season 11 synopsis of walking dead season 11 episode 9 alden die‘YOU WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR ME’ | Back in Alexandria, chaos reigned as the storm raged. While the windmills were on fire and the wall breakages multiplied like rabbits, Judith and Gracie were surrounded by the worst kind of pedestrians – wet, rushing into a flooded cellar. Eventually, Aaron heard his daughter’s emergency siren, dashed through the window, and used his metal arm to smash some rough, soggy heads. Later, after taking the children to safety, Lydia discovered that he had been left in dire straits and had he To be safe. Somehow, despite the breaches and fires, all of Alexandria lived to see the pedestrian fire that greeted Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel, and Elijah upon their return. Seeing Connie come back from the dead, Daryl signed: “Nice to meet you.” (OK, so maybe they Not positioned as some great romance. Or he doesn’t know how to sign, “S — t, you’re alive! I’m sorry I never told you I loved you before you went missing! I’m an idiot!”)

In one hot minute, everything went awry. But then the hot temper cooled, and Jerry, on guard, had to say, “Um… you guys…” Something big was about to happen, the musical cues warning us. Something bad. And, in fact, the sight of the Commonwealth’s attacking soldiers approaching to be quite ominous… until Eugene ran to the front of the pack and said, “We’re all friends. They are here to help. “From there, he explained the result of his quest as placed found hope and introduced Lance, who made an offer that sounded too good to be true to help rebuild Alexandria. However, he added, he also had “another, more exciting choice to offer”. Even from afar, Dog had to smell a rat! From there, six months later, we find Maggie and Elijah back in the ruins of Hilltop. At the gate, stormtroopers asked to be let in. “It doesn’t have to be,” she called. Once there, one of the stormtroopers took off his helmet: It’s Daryl! “That’s right,” he replied.

It’s not? Why? What is “this way”? And what do you think of the season 11B premiere? I’ll give it a B+, maybe even an A- (though I have to admit I’ve forgotten all about poor Alden and can only care so much about Elijah’s late sister, who we have never met). Rated “No way” in the poll below, then click here to see what host Angela Kang has to say about that.

https://tvline.com/2022/02/20/the-walking-dead-recap-season-11-episode-9-alden-dies/ The Walking Dead synopsis: Season 11, Episode 9 – [Spoiler] Died

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