‘The Walking Dead’ synopsis: Season 11, Episode 10 – ‘New Haunts’

You know the rule: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So both we and the petty survivors of Zombie should have been surprised to start finding out in Sunday’s episode that The Commonwealth is not all bright colors and pies. Beneath its candy-coated surface, it is infected with a kind of virulent classicism that seems about to spark an uprising. Read on, and we’ll discuss not only the dramatic fashion we’ve discovered about the dissent between the ranks, but also pretty much everything that went downhill in “New Haunts.”

‘JUST ONE MINUTE TO USE IT’ | When the hour started, our regulars had been in the Commonwealth for 30 days. At that point, we, like them, had a taste of the lavish lengths with which the Commonwealth has celebrated Halloween. Pretty much each holiday, we will soon find out. (Season image of Season 9 at the Kingdom, just with more costumes and less beheadings.) We also have little understanding of the different characters’ mental states. Daryl, who along with Rosita was undergoing basic training to become a soldier, was deeply suspicious of the visions unfolding before them. Connie enjoys being a reporter again – although she did reveal to Daryl and Carol through Kelly that she interviewed Pamela before the end of the world – and got the governor’s uncle kicked out of Congress. (Scandale!) Judith quickly befriends a sweet girl named Mae, who buys her a Motörhead album (because Lil’ Ass-Kicker hasn’t been subsidized). And Ezekiel seems ready to kick the bucket, lie to Carol about how good he feels, and give away valuable possessions like Shiva’s chains (for Jerry and Nabila’s tiger-dressed son). ).

Determined to find out the truth about Ezekiel’s prognosis, Carol swipes the key from the hospital janitor and searches for her ex-husband’s medical records herself, but Tomi, who seems to have been forced back into service as a lieutenant How to be a surgeon. Instead of getting rid of her, the doctor reveals that the former king’s only chance is surgery, and the chance that he’s at the top of the list because of cutlery time is… Eh, what’s worse than not being there? But soon, Carol saw an opportunity to increase Ezekiel’s chances. Spying on Pamela’s glasses-wearing assistant Max telling Lance his booze wouldn’t make it through his boss’s carnival, Carol sneaks out of the Commonwealth, sending a few people for a walk in a cellar wine and brought out a few bottles of primo vino. What does she want in exchange? Lance asked. Of course, Ezekiel had monstrously listed the surgeries.

Summary of walking corpse season 11 episode 10 new haunts‘RATED PERSON DETECTION’ | Meanwhile, Mercer takes Daryl, Rosita, and a bunch of soldiers to participate in an exercise called Kill House, in which they’re supposed to show speed and teamwork. There were some hiccups – Daryl’s partner was so close to being bitten by a passerby that Mercer had to intervene – but our gruff hero still impressed with the kahuna so massive he was allowed to… Uh. Total. Watch out for taciturn Sebastian as he pretends he has everything it takes to be a warrior of any kind. (Was there ever a character more obnoxious than Pamela’s son?) Needless to say, the kid would have suffered from indigestion when learning to walk, if Daryl hadn’t stepped in to save his ass. Sebastian’s delightful thank you note? “Why did you do that?!?” Mercer then advises Daryl that he shouldn’t step in, at least not by placing an arrow through the walker. The soldier added, “The Commonwealth could be nirvana for Daryl, if he can get out of his own way. And he to be motivated to do so – both Judith and RJ expressed a desire to stay at the CW.

That evening, at Pamela’s masquerade ball, the caste distinction between the Commonwealth and the non-Commonwealth became painfully clear. While Magna is demoted to kitchen staff, lawyer Yumiko and reluctant doctor Tomi drink Carol’s fine wine, and Sebastian, Lance and Mercer are greeted at the door as if they were superheroes. (Sebastian? Really?) After the Princess caught Mercer’s attention, he invited her to make a dull night more enjoyable by joining him. “There is a dress code,” the doorman said to the clipboard. The princess looks lovely dressed up as…well, a princess. But ugh. It was like that. However, Mercer still brought her in. Through the velvet rope, a familiar-looking waiter begged to speak to Pamela but was denied entry by Max. Who is he? OMG, that’s soldier that the Princess defeated back in Season 10, she realizes. What is he doing while serving the canapé?

Summary of walking corpse season 11 episode 10 new haunts

‘WE ARE REPAIRING THE WORLD BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS’ | It wasn’t long before we learned why Tyler – that’s his name – wrapped the pigs in blankets instead of swinging them. Star Wars costume. When Pamela gave a speech about how awesome the Commonwealth was, he cried to the BS, saying it was definitely not of interest. all of its citizens. Before we knew what had happened to us, he slashed the governor’s mesmerizing new painting of her father and took Max hostage with the tip of a knife. “I will die for this place,” he shouted at Pamela. “What’s my name?” She didn’t know but wanted to mock him. In the end, Tyler discards his human shield and runs after it, only to be captured by Daryl… who cleverly gives Sebastian his “capture” to prevent Jerkface from “smiling hatefully” at him. As soon as Tyler is brought back to the party in handcuffs, he is led away again, leaving Pamela unsettled as she screams that there are thousands of others just like him. “Against the Commonwealth! Visibility for workers! Fairness to all!” he yelled.Go away, Tyler, poor bastard.

When the gala was over, the raiding soldiers stopped Connie from witnessing Yumiko and Max paying…who? Did the crowd cheer for Sebastian as if he were Timothee Chalamet? (Help me out, people.) Lance tells Carol that her wine delivery is a good first step to helping Ezekiel. Hmm, but how many other steps does he imagine there are? Rosita is tasked with questioning Magna about Tyler. But Yumiko’s ex knows little about him – and doesn’t care about the Commonwealth’s “rich stay rich, poor stay poor” system. Ezekiel, continuing his farewell tour, delivers Carol a box that once belonged to Henry. From there, we move on to day 33 in the Commonwealth, where the newly-fitted flying soldier Daryl can buy Judith a music player so she can listen to “Eat the Rich” by Judith. Motörhead and his teammate Rosita discovered during a raid a secret room in an apartment full of posters of the lotta resistance movement.

So, what do you think of “The New Runners”? Will Ezekiel live long enough to have surgery? Have we seen Tyler at last? Is Magna part of the resistance? After commenting, read showrunner Angela Kang talk about time.

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