The View’s Sunny Hostin admits she’s “pissed” during an intense debate with co-hosts live on air

THE VIEW’s Sunny Hostin has admitted she’s “pissed” by author Marie Kondo’s about-face to keeping a tidy home and throwing away what doesn’t spark “joy”.

On a recent episode of the talk show, panelists discussed Marie and her change of heart about throwing out items that no longer inspire “joy.”

The View panelists discussed author Marie Kondo's recent comments about not caring anymore about keeping her home clean


The View panelists discussed author Marie Kondo’s recent comments about not caring anymore about keeping her home cleanPhoto credit: ABC
Sunny Hostin admitted she was


Sunny Hostin admitted she was “pissed” by Marie’s change of heartPhoto credit: ABC

Speaking to The Washington Post, Marie admitted she had “kind of given up” on keeping her home as tidy as she had previously encouraged others to do.

The topic sparked an intense discussion among The View’s co-hosts, sparked by Whoopi Goldberg.

“Marie Kondo became famous for telling people to declutter their homes and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring joy,” Whoopi began.

“Let me out of these conversations!” Joy Behar joked.

The View's Joy screams
The View's Sunny Hostin holds back tears as she opens up about her'worst nightmare'

“She just wanted to spark you baby,” Whoopi joked before continuing.

“But in a recent interview, she admitted that her house has been ‘pretty messy’ since she had her third child,” Whoopi said in a mock dramatic voice while her co-hosts laughed.

“She’s fine with that, though,” the The View host explained.

“She said that the concept of tidying up your life isn’t just about keeping a tidy house, she’s more concerned with other things right now.”

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Whoopi asked the audience if anyone else was “really mad” about throwing their stuff away because of Marie’s past teachings.

Co-host Sunny Hostin appeared to be one of those people.

“Yeah, they’re mad,” she said, “because she used to go into people’s houses and tidied their houses for them and threw away their things.”

“I put Marie Kondo on every closet and drawer in my house,” said co-host Sara Haines.

“You can’t keep it up because you’re busy,” she admitted, but clarified that Marie’s actual position on the matter was more “general well-being,” and that now that Marie has three children, Marie “puts her energy into it.” concentrated”. “

Sunny interjected, “I’m mad because I cleaned up my stuff for her.”

The View mainstay put on an angry expression and shook his head angrily throughout the rest of the conversation.


Meanwhile, Sunny previously held back tears as she explained what would be one of her worst nightmares regarding her son in the context of a recent tragedy.

In a late January episode of The View, panelists discussed the recent tragedy surrounding the death of Tire Nichols.

The 29-year-old was brutally beaten by five Memphis Police Department officers after he was stopped at a traffic stop.

Sunny admitted she didn’t see the bodycam footage of the horrific incident.

She admitted she didn’t watch because she “saw so many,” but looked visibly shaken as she continued.

“As a mother to a black son who is 6’1″ and 20 years old, my worst nightmare is probably what’s in this video,” Sunny said, barely holding back tears.

Sunny continued, “And there are studies that show that Black people who watch these videos constantly suffer from PTSD because of what’s called ‘linked destiny’ because we see our loved ones in the video.”

Sunny spoke with a trembling voice and tear-filled eyes.

“But I think there are people who need to see the video, those people who can decide that they’re not going to see it because they know that’s not going to happen to their kid.”

“These people need to look at it,” she insisted, “to get real police reform that would include personal liability for cops.”

“What most people don’t know is that if something like this happens and a civil settlement is reached, we pay for that civil settlement,” Sunny explained. “It comes from taxpayers’ money. It doesn’t come from the police budget.”

“If that changes and we get some energy for this kind of reform, I think it will change,” the host concluded.

The other panelists watched solemnly.


Before opening up about her “worst nightmare,” Sunny teased an upcoming project she’d been working on outside of the talk show on social media.

In a post Sunny shared on her personal Twitter account, the presenter revealed that she would be releasing another novel.

The snap she posted to her Twitter was an ad promoting her upcoming novel Summer on Sag Harbor.

In the tweet, the 54-year-old shared a photo of her book cover with text above it, and read, “25% off your pre-order.”

Below the pictured book cover was text that read: “Today through Friday only at Barnes & Nobles, use code: PREORDER25.”

The media correspondent’s actual tweet reinforced the explanatory snap and encouraged fans to start their “summer reading” with their new novel.

“Get a head start on your summer reading list! Pre-order your copy of Summer on Sag Harbor between now and Friday exclusively @BNBuzz and receive 25% off with discount code ‘PREORDER25,'” Sunny wrote.

Back in December, the lawyer promoted her forthcoming novel in a post shared on Instagram.

For Instagram, the photo was just a picture of her book cover with the text, “Available May 2, 2023, pre-order now!” written above the image.

The TV personality explained in her caption that her new novel is the second in her book trilogy.

“May I present to you the cover of the next novel in my summer trilogy – Summer on Sag Harbor!” Sunny wrote.

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“Sequel to my New York Times bestseller, Summer on the Bluffs, I’m thrilled to take you to the warm beaches of Sag Harbor for another #SummerWithSunny.”

“Pre-order now where books are available. Available May 2, 2023.”

Co-host Sara Haines explained that Marie hasn't entirely


Co-host Sara Haines explained that Marie hasn’t entirely “given up,” but is more worried about her three childrenPhoto credit: ABC
Sunny said she was


Sunny said she was “pissed” because she “tidyed up” her things because of MariePhoto credit: ABC
The panel unpacked Marie's comments and whether they were upset about the author's shifting advice


The panel unpacked Marie’s comments and whether they were upset about the author’s shifting advicePhoto credit: Getty Images The View’s Sunny Hostin admits she’s “pissed” during an intense debate with co-hosts live on air


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