The View’s Sara Haines, who was slammed by fans for “rambling” during an important issue, admits she “knows nothing about it”.

THE VIEW’s Sara Haines has been slammed by fans after she expressed her stance on national security on a recent episode of the talk show.

The View panelists discussed the recent controversy surrounding the giant Chinese spy balloon that was shot down over the US on Monday’s episode.

The View panelists engaged in a lengthy discussion on national security after the US shot down a spy balloon from China


The View panelists engaged in a lengthy discussion on national security after the US shot down a spy balloon from ChinaPhoto credit: ABC
Sara Haines offered her take on the issue and it wasn't well received by fans


Sara Haines offered her take on the issue and it wasn’t well received by fansPhoto credit: ABC

The conversation soon turned to official documents and national security and how Biden and Trump have dealt with such matters.

Sunny Hostin commented that “military officials have historically not been able to trust Trump with any national security information.”

“I think that might be Biden’s guess,” Sara interjected when Sunny spoke.

“Well, it’s been reported,” Sunny shot back.

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“Well it’s been reported now because they know it happened,” Sara replied.

Sunny didn’t take it when she replied, “I’m talking about the military.”

“Right, the military officials knew, and I’m inclined to think it’s a chain of command issue,” Sara replied.

She explained that she perceived the issue as a “chain of command issue,” but eventually admitted she wasn’t sure how to approach the issue.

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“It’s so far beyond my understanding. When I think of espionage, central intelligence and national security, I don’t really have much to add other than the fact that I like that a lot of it is kept secret,” she admitted.

“I think there are some things when it comes to national security that should be classified and I don’t want China to know about them,” Sara continued.

The other panellists continued their discussion of the topic.

Fans didn’t take well to Sara’s thoughts on the matter as they flooded social media with their opinions on her “ramble.”

One commenter slammed the moderator: “Your perspective seems so sick she knows everything! Not an expert #TheView.”

Another wrote: “Sara you’re digressing… and you were basically just admitting you don’t really know much on the subject #TheView.”

A third fan tweeted: “If you have nothing to add don’t take all your time not adding @TheView #TheView”


Meanwhile, Sara came to the rescue of Whoopi Goldberg during a recent episode of The View.

The 45-year-old has tried to sternly correct co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin after watching the presenter live on air.

The awkward back-and-forth happened during Thursday’s broadcast of The View.

The hosts welcomed actor Kit Harington to the table for the first time, and there was a bit of a dispute over who’s the biggest fan of his show Game of Thrones.

The fight was between Alyssa and Whoopi, and while the latter didn’t feel the need to defend herself, Sara did it for her.

After Whoopi asked Kit a few questions and spent some time with him, Alyssa tried to move things forward to get her own time with the actor.

Alyssa held out her arms and chimed in, “You’ve got to let the biggest Game of Thrones fans talk at the table!”

She then added, “No, I’m just kidding,” but Sara then interjected, still focused on Alyssa’s first comment.

The Chase star held up her index finger and simply said, “No, no, no, no, no,” but she couldn’t say more before Alyssa started asking Kit her questions.

After the newcomer was done, Sara brought everything up again to continue defending Whoopi.

“Well, Alyssa said she’s the biggest Game of Thrones fan, but Whoopi has a real Iron Throne in her dressing room,” the host said.

Whoopi laughed and the show put up a picture of it with the decoration on the wall behind the toilet.

It was the spikes of the throne that sat on the toilet in her dressing room.

“And the seat is heated,” joked Sunny.

Whoopi then said they had tried to get everyone from Game of Thrones to be on The View since the drama aired, but the schedules never worked out.


Sara previously denied rumors of marital troubles in a new video with her husband Max Shifrin in bed.

Sara, 45, shared video of the couple lounging together while answering fan questions via their Instagram Stories.

The video, posted to the social media platform on Monday night, showed the host of The View lying happily in bed with her husband.

The morning show host recorded her replying to fans who filled in her “Ask Me Anything!” prompt.

One fan asked: “Do you believe in adult naps when it comes to productivity?

Sara repeated, “Do I believe in naps?” before panning the camera to where she suspects her husband is.

It took the 45-year-old a moment to find Max as his head was right behind hers.

Confused, she asked, “Baby? Where are you?” laughing when she was finally able to put his face in the frame.

Max replied, “Sarah doesn’t believe in not napping,” as the Chase game show host chuckled next to him.

He continued, “She insists on napping every day.”

Sara argued, “Not every day,” as her husband jokes, “Every single hour.”

The ABC News correspondent then asked Max, “Do you think I do it for productivity reasons when I have the opportunity to take a nap?”

The 39-year-old paused before replying: “I think you do it to survive but productivity is definitely part of it.”

A reporter through and through, Sara responded to the question, “Do you believe in naps for well-being?”

The attorney responded, as many attorneys would, and remained completely neutral on the subject.

He said, “Depends on the person. Yes.”

Sarah repeated: “Depends on the person and yes both things can be true?”

Max reiterated, “Yeah,” before Sarah asked, “Am I your favorite sleeper?”

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He nodded and said, “Yeah,” again as Sarah gave the camera a giddy smile.

The couple, who have been married since 2014, looked happy in bed as they discussed Sarah’s sleeping habits.

Several viewers called on Sara to


Several viewers called on Sara to “ramble” and “admit” that she didn’t know what she was talking aboutPhoto credit: ABC
Others called her a


Others called her a “know-it-all” for her comments during the segment.Photo credit: ABC
After Sara gave her opinion on the matter, the discussion continued


After Sara gave her opinion on the matter, the discussion continuedPhoto credit: ABC The View’s Sara Haines, who was slammed by fans for “rambling” during an important issue, admits she “knows nothing about it”.


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