The Undertaker named his favorite current superstar; Praise the former world champion

WWE legendary Receiver recently during a Q&A session with WWE on TikTok. During the chat, The Deadman answered a lot of questions, including who is his favorite superstar in WWE right now.

In response to a question, The Undertaker insisted his favorite superstar on today’s WWE roster is none other than his old nemesis Edge.

The Undertaker and edge most notably sharing rings at WrestleMania XXIV during the show’s main event. Taking that opportunity, The Phenom defeated its on-screen opponent by succumbing after a 24-minute match.

Deadman also answered some other interesting questions, and he revealed that Yokozuna was his toughest opponent of all time. The Undertaker also mentioned that he would love to have a match with Andre The Giant.

Check out The Undertaker’s recent Q&A with WWE TikTok here below:

When asked about who he thinks currently has the best equipment in WWE, The Undertaker named Rey Mysterio. The former world champion also said that his favorite entrance right now is that of Drew McIntyre.

Undertaker Retired as an Active Performer from WWE at Survivor Series 2020

In the last episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride documentary, The Phenom has retired from professional wrestling.

At Survivor Series 2020, The Undertaker made a special appearance on the show, wearing his trademark jacket and hat. The Deadman gave an emotional farewell speech; Finally, he confirmed his retirement in classic Undertaker style.

“It’s time for me to let The Undertaker Rest in peace,” said The Undertaker.

Phenom also received 10 salutes and performed the traditional Undertaker kneeling position. WWE then projected a hologram of his iconic former manager the late Paul Bearer in the ring to make the moment even more meaningful.

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