The Ultimate Vaping Gift Guide 2022

Everyone deserves a nice present in a while, and vapers are no exception to this basic nicety. Join us in this brief as we explore the market and compile the best guide to vaping gifts!

Attention, Novices!

Suppose you are new to the art of vaping. In that case, you can look through the beginner’s vaping guide to understand where to look when choosing affordable vaping devices that can emulate the experience of a cigarette closely. Some of these entry-level devices have been popular for decades now. We talk about these products in detail in the following lines.

Meet The Real MVP: The MVP Pod!

Simple and affordable, quite an entry-level vaping tool! Key features of this MVP pod include:

  • Automatic and manual activation.
  • Two levels of adjustable power output.
  • Airflow is optimized to simulate a cigarette’s sensation.

A perfect product for new vapers who want an easy entry to vaping without worrying about too much!

Enter Տhe Endgame with Endura T18 X

The Endura series has been quite a popular range of vape devices for several years. The Endura T18 X is a perfect case study to analyze the reasons behind this popularity. Let us start with the traditional pen-style form factor, coupled with a large 1000mAh internal battery. Now that battery can keep you going quickly all day long! The vaping device’s tank has been specifically crafted to allow mimicking cigarette draw with a fixed airflow. It produces an excellent flavor and a remarkably satisfying hit sensation. Adding the USB-C charging has allowed for a quicker charge as well.

The Perfect Product for Generation Z: Z Kit!

The vaping kit under discussion is the most affordable way to experience the Z-coil platform. Why do we like it? Well, we love the simple design that it uses. The large 1500mAh internal battery provides a longer runtime as well. With a fixed 13W power output and fully adjustable airflow, this vaping device can provide an excellent level of customization while still ensuring consistent all-day performance.

We Have Something for The Intermediate Users Too!

Looking for a little more excitement? Already tried a few devices but are not satisfied with the progress? Let us introduce you to an upgraded set of features and increased adjustability. These vaping devices offer incredible value for money; these are the devices that you should know more about!

The Killer Kroma Z!

An all-in-one device, this one! It combines the tank and battery section without sacrificing performance into a convenient, compact form factor. It works well with the best-selling Z-coils, allows users to make changes in the vaping experience, and is as good as the phenomenon of vaping itself!

So, what are the perks? There is a wide range of coil choices, complete airflow control, and adjustable wattage. These factors make this vaping device a perfect choice for intermediate vapers. We must mention that we are talking about vapers who understand the fundamentals of vaping here. Oh, and we nearly forgot, the integrated 3000mAh battery is an admirable device feature. So, are you ready to experiment with different styles of this vaping device?

Kroma R

The discussion of the vaping kit features the famous Zenith tank that works well with nearly all Z-coils. But you will also find the 510 connection, courtesy of which users can swap out the tank for any 510 compatible atomizers of their choosing.

You will also find the external 18650 batteries. Hence, swapping a fresh battery when the charge gets low is possible; this approach eliminates downtime.

The fully adjustable power output for this vaping wonder is around 80W. Hence, you can expect it to accommodate nearly any style of vaping. It also means that the Kroma R is just the device for intermediate vapers who are after diversity and versatility!

And Now for The Pros!

What are the requirements of an advanced vaper? Usually, they want to fine-tune their experience by selecting a device that gives them complete control. In the following lines, we will discuss devices meant to suit this class of vapers in particular.

Kroma 217: A Real Classic!

Our list keeps getting better! The Kroma 217 focuses on combining innovative technology and multiple innovative specifications. The vaping device uses grade zinc alloy and luxury finishing accents and features versatility in battery compatibility.

The device features Coil+ and Refresh functionality. Users can extend the coil life with the unique alternating current technology. The output is around 100W, allowing the device to power nearly any atomizer you might come across in the market.

You will also notice the Z-force tank that utilizes the brand new ZF coil platform. The platform is pretty cool since it features DuoPrime wicking technology. The technology can dramatically boost the performance and lifespan of coils. As a result, the Z-Force tank can produce billowing clouds of vapor and exciting flavors.

As you might have noticed, Kroma 217 is perfect for intermediate or advanced vapers. Especially those vapers who are always looking for a full range of functionality.

The Combination You All Have Been Searching For:

Coolfire Z80

Probably one of the most advanced kits! Crafted from a high-quality zinc alloy with a compact external 18650 form factor, the device is a perfect epitome of functionality and performance. Plus, it is convenient to carry too! The coil+, refresh, and Fθ functionality alternates current mode technology; it has everything! It features 80W of adjustable power output, meaning it can power virtually any atomizer with high accuracy. We recommend this vaping device to any intermediate or advanced vaper seeking full customization in a small package.

Final Thoughts!

So, there you are. Gifts revive relations like nothing else. The nature of gifts has changed considerably in recent times as well. We mean to say we just discussed a vaping gift guide! If you have a vaper in your family, you know what to get them on their next birthday or event. On that cheerful note, we bid you farewell from this space!

Huynh Nguyen

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