The Ultimate Guide To Knowing The Perfect Size Of Your Air Filter

Air filters are necessary components of a HAVC system. These cardboard-like boxes help to clean the air that circulates inside your home. 

Air filters trap particulates, dust, and contaminants that may enter the HVAC system. The process of air filtration will involve an even air distribution in the different parts of your home.

There are different kinds and sizes of air filters. Here’s an ultimate guide to knowing the perfect size of your air filter:

Does the size matter?

With air filters, the size matters! Large-size air filters have a greater capacity to filter dust and particles. You will need a smaller air filter size for a smaller HAVC in your home. Ideally, a 12x12x1 air filter is a perfect size for a home. 

Knowing the right size of the air filter is necessary, and the perfect size will help you maximize the air filtration results. 

Do you need air filters at home?

Air filters are appliances that provide comfort in your home. Air filters are necessary to keep your family safe and protected every day. 

There are many reasons why air filters are necessary at home, these includes:

  • Cleans and filtrates the air 
  • Traps particulates, mould, dust, and dirt
  • Can promote good air quality inside your home
  • Purifies the air from unwanted bacteria and viruses
  • Protects the components of your HAVC system

How can you find your air filter’s size?

Knowing the right air filter size for your HAVC system is necessary, and it will save you cost and effort on buying a new one when you choose the wrong size.

There are three ways to know the air filter size of your HVAC system, including:

  • Referring to the label on the air filter’s frame
  • Measuring the air filter
  • Measuring the air intake

Nominal vs Actual Size

When buying an air filter, the right and actual size should be your basis. Both sizes are different, but a way to quantify the measurements of an air filter.

The nominal size of the air filter is the printed and rounded size usually set by the manufacturer. The nominal size is not the exact size but just a rounded-up size. 

The actual sizes are the exact size of the air filter. The measurement is precise and printed in smaller sizes near the nominal size. 

What are MERV ratings?

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values or the MERV ratings is a way to know which air filter is best. The MERV rating is a helpful tool for comparing air filters. A high value of MERV rating means the air filter is best in filtering out particles. High MERV ratings on air filters are recommendable as they can filter out different contaminants like:

  • pollen
  • dust and dirt
  • textile or carpet fibres
  • mould and spores
  • bacteria and viruses
  • allergens and pollutants

Where can you find air filters?

Nowadays, you can use technology to buy air filters. Finding the best air filter for your family is much easier. You have to know the brand, size, and location, and you can have the air filter immediately. 

Here are some of the ways you can find an air filter:

  • Checking online shopping sites
  • Going to an HVAC or an air filter manufacturing company
  • In-store retailers

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